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    Autozone tranny?

    96 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 5. 7 Litre 350 Vortec CSFI Auto Trans (4l60E) No Aftermarket Stuff 170 K miles Maintenance done regularly Has anyone had experience with autozone trannies? I had a mechanic check out the tranny on my truck and he says that it needs to be rebuilt. So I have been...
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    96 Chev K1500 350 Vortec Will Not Start and Backfires

    96 Chev K1500 350 Vortec 160K Miles No Aftermarket Stuff Auto Tranny The truck will crank over but wants to backfire and tries to kick back and stalls the starter out. I towed it to a friends house that is a ex chev mechanic and he said that it was the fuel pump. I know that these rigs are...