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    2002 Pontiac Sunfire lack of engine power.

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Pontiac MODEL: Sunfire SE YEAR: 2002 MILES: 135,081 ENGINE: 2.2L OHV Vin 4 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Engine is lacking power while accelaration. I just had fuel pump replaced less than 2 weeks ago due to DTC P0171 code. After pump was changed, car...
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    2005 Kia Spectra with DTC P0507

    I got a friend of mine with a 2005 Kia Spectra LX with the 2.0L engine auto trans with 65K miles on it. The check engine light is on for a code P0507= rpm is higher then expected. im trying to figure out how to fix this. the car has a sticky thottle body. car sat for a few years until Nov 2011...
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    1998 chevy lumina weird starting issue

    hello ya'll. i got my friends 1998 chevy lumina 3.1L auto trans, 116K miles on it. its having a weird starting issue that i cant seem to figure out. about 2 weeks ago, the starter on this car went out. i replaced the starter and it was fine for over a week. i get a call from my friend on a...
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    91 Honda Civic Engine Races when stopping vehicle

    my 1991 Honda Civic 1.5L auto trans is racing when trying to come to a stop when it downshifts from 2nd to 1st gear. I had it looked at about 2 weeks ago, and he adjusted the idle down. but last nite the problem came back again. what do i need to check on it? is it possible that i might have a...
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    95 Ford Explorer Water Pump questions

    Im gonna be working on a 1995 Ford Explorer with the 4.0L V6, VIN X, and the water pump is leaking. I need to know what to do to get the old pump out of it. also i need to know how long the job will take so i can charge them for my time. i have changed water pumps on alot of 4 cylinder cars and...
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    1994 Sable cooling fan not shutting off after car is turned off

    Hello ya'll. im gonna be working on a 1994 Mercury Sable with a 3.0L v6. the customer i talked to today tells me that the cooling fan on the radiator will not shut off when engine is off. she told me that it drains the battery if the cable isnt removed from the battery. what should i look into...
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    91 Civic Timing

    my 91 Honda Civic DX with 1.5L with auto trans, 205k on the old girl and i notice my timing belt was loose. so i loosen the timing belt tensioner to tighten up the belt, and now it runs like a bag of doughnuts. it somehow got missed timed by a degree or 2. all i did was move the cam pulley back...
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    98 Chevy Lumina Questions.

    Im gonna be working on a 98 Chevy Lumina with the 3.1L V6 and auto trans with 100k plus miles. I have 2 questions about this car. the first one is, How do i adjust the rear brake shoes on this car? i opened the wheels on this car before when i put front brakes on it, and it has fairly new shoes...
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    98 ford explorer spark plug question

    hello everyone. im a rock in a hard shell on this one. i got a friends 98 ford explorer with the 4.0 v6 engine sohc version with auto trans. the problem is that i cant get the spark plug back in the hole on the drivers side of the engine in the middle of 3 plugs. it will not catch the spark plug...
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    05 Cavalier with air in the cooling system

    hello all! i got my 2005 Chevy Cavalier with the 2.2 ecotec 4 cylinder with 87k miles. the car is in the shop and i called my mechanic today to see if the car was ready from having other work done on it. he told me that he was having problems getting the air out of the cooling system after...
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    2005 Chevy Cavalier Weird Issue during this morning cold snap.

    Hello! i got my 2005 Chevy Cavalier with the 2.2 ecotec motor with auto trans and 86k on it. I had a weird problem this morning. it was really cold out, i say about 27 degrees out. I started my car as normal, and let it warm up so i can get some heat. I started to drive down the road, and the...
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    1998 Chevy Lumina Rear Brakes Question

    I got a friend of mine's car that is a 1998 Chevy Lumina, 3.1L V6 in need of rear drum brakes. I went to a junkyard today to look at a junker car to get an idea of what im facing in changing the brake shoes out. everything appeared to be easy. no biggie. its something i never done and doesnt...
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    91 Civic Idle Issues

    my 91 honda civic with the 1.5L 4 cylinder, Dual point injection with 198,000 miles is having some idle issues. I had the head work done on the car back in March of this year due to a blown head gasket and found that the camshaft was about to bust from sand in the head. always, the issue is that...
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    91 Honda Civic engine problem

    my 1991 Honda Civic Dx Hatchback with the 1.5L D15B2 engine is having a problem at start up when the engine is cold and when it sits after a period of time. When i crank it over, it runs like its miss firing really bad. it shakes, and smokes when i try to rev it to clear it out. once it clears...
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    2002 Olds Aurora V8 Spark Plugs and other things

    my friend's sister has a 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0L v8 that is in need of spark plugs. Car has over 95K miles on it and the engine light is also on. the car runs SO bad, that it likes to jump, lurch, and almost stall out. i ran the computer on this car, and got PO300 which lead me to needing...
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    89 Honda Civic A/C idler pully change

    I got my sisters 89 Honda Civic DX with the 1.5 engine and auto trans that needs a new idler pulley for the A/C. How hard are they to change and how long does it take to change the pulley?? thanks Scotty
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    1998 Ford Escort ZX2 Belt

    Im trying to change a serp belt on a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 with that 2.0L Zetec 4 cylinder and i need a diagram of the belt routing and the location of the belt tensioner so i can change the serp belt out. Which direction do i move the tensioner to get the belt off?? thanks Scotty
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    Honda Civic decides to quit

    My 1991 Honda Civic HB with the 1.5L engine and auto trans decided to lose power and quit on me. the problem is that it will run in idle at 750 RPMS but as soon as i try to give it gas, it wont go passed the 2,500 RPM range, and it spits, spuders, and backfires. I have tried to put it into gear...
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    Possible Fuel Pump Problems in 2 Honda Civics?

    Car 1: 1989 Honda Civic 4DR 1.5L auto trans 119K Car 2 1991 Honda Civic 3DR HB 1.5L auto trans 182K Both my Honda Civic's 1989 and 1991 are having a problem that when they are accelarated at low speeds, they both bog down like its not getting fuel, then all of a sudden, they both will high...
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    1991 Honda Civic Problems

    hello all! I got more problems with my 1991 Honda Civic DX Hatchback with the 1.5L and auto trans. 181K. these are the problems im having with the car. I just busted my butt on this car the last few days to get it done and running! 1) I had to replace my auto transmission recently due to my...