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    Independence Day celebrated today.

    But sure did not get independence on this day, our forefathers were considered traitors of Great Britain that started a war that lasted 8 years, 4 months and 15 days! Only to break out in another war from Great Britain in 1812 that last another over 3 more years. Canada was formed in 1867 and...
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    Horizontal seat motor replacement

    Memory problems for reassembly? Take several photos first. Ha, heard they have digital cameras now so don't have to wait a week for photo processing. Also have fast acting circuit breakers that could be the problem.
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    Horizontal seat motor replacement

    With a Chevy Cruze only two torx screws at the rear of the front seats held the runners down, had to move the drivers seat far forward use the correct size torx bit in an impact wrench, because you needed a lot of down force, and exactly perpendicular or you will strip the inside of the torx...
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    Lawn mower blade sharpener.

    Ha, so have I and long before rotary blade lawn mowers were even thought of. Just recently ran into this portable drill ran sharpeners. Same problem with women, took over 50 years to find a good one, just a little bit slow.
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    TrailBlazer AC Clutch not engaging.

    10 mils was a good clutch gap, the pulling in magnetic force decreases by the cube of the distance. Now have to think about shims with GM, pressure plate was a so-called interference fit or shrink fit. Over the years GM changed the installer/remover tool, so had to buy three different ones of...
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    Lawn mower blade sharpener.

    Once in a while find a clever invention for this new type of DIY blade sharpener. Grinding wheel has a flat surface for the back of the blade, correct angle for the bevel...
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    Cub Cadet misfires at high rpm.

    One shot of starter fluid doesn't hurt anything, this does. Making all people within a 30 mile radius sick with those fumes. to the best of my knowledge zero ethanol plants in California as well as zero electric generating plants. Most small...
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    testing HEI coil

    Since I received my first HEI from Delco, (history), they had to supply to GM for $6.00 that included the entire complete distributor and eight silicone spark plug wire with connectors. But forget the six bucks, paper work costs more than that. GM dealer wanted 150 bucks just for the base...
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    snap on versus edge for sale

    What worse considering instant depreciation is driving a new vehicle off the lot, even worse is the $350,000.00 motorhome once the five minute warranty is worn off. Worse than this is used electronic equipment, would be lucky to get a hundred bucks for a $13,000.00 scope. But there is no...
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    Fuel tank leak

    Don't know until you, even with a shop manual on some vehicles. My 88 Supra has an access plate. but wen I opened it, was for the fuel level sensor, not the fuel pump. Tank had to be removed to replace that. Is it that difficult to learn where that leak is coming from when you have it...
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    Fuel tank leak

    Never needed a shop manual to remove a tank, kind of obivious when looking at it, generally two straps with rusty hard ware, run a die up first to clean off the threads, fuel fillers have a long ride because they moved the tank forward quite a bid. Three fuel lines, always a pain, electrical...
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    won't idle,2004 PT Cruiser,2.4.non turbo

    Who invented the timing belt, some guy mad at the world, very limited lubricated tensioner and idler pulleys and in an interference engine? Most just have a dust cover that is more like a dust collector. Ha, if I didn't like my 88 Supra so much would have dumped it a long time ago. Ford ZX7...
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    Battery Charge Management System (BCMS)

    A Ford engineer finally came out and said hybrid vehicles up north are worthless. Trying to convert kinetic engine going down a hill to charge a battery going up the next hill is very inefficient at low temperatures. Could get rid of the hills. Have energy saving nuts around here that do not...
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    Cub Cadet misfires at high rpm.

    This is an excerpt of my newest Honda Lawn Mower. "Honda engines are designed and certified to run on regular unleaded gasoline. Gasoline is allowed, by regulation, to contain a variety of additives. The same regulation limits how much of some additives, such as alcohol, can be...
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    Cub Cadet misfires at high rpm.

    Ha, knew you would reply, but do admit I am prejudice against E10, one of the most stupidest acts by our government to use our food to feed SUV's. Especially when we have a known 12,000 year supply of methane we can use to power our vehicle and also one of the major causes of so-called global...
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    Cub Cadet misfires at high rpm.

    Practically anyone that uses E10 in these things has this problem to one extend or another, builds up a corroded film on the high speed jet that starves it augmented by the fact the EPA around 15-20 years ago outlawed both low and high speed adjustable jets. Only some of the newer models can...
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    Notorious issues with the Jeep Liberty

    Only person I trust when purchasing a used vehicle is me, prefer purchasing from a new vehicle dealer because I can take it home for three days, and check it out myself, brakes, running gear, electronics, look weird aftermarket crap, engine compression, manual oil pressure., tires and alignment...
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    2003 Hyundai Elantra charging problems

    I briefly went to auctions between engineering jobs. First you have have new car dealers coming in with trade-ins that have enough experience to know they will never make a profit by repairing someones piece of junk. Major customers are used car dealers, looking for something cheap they can...
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    Class C MH on a E 450 chassis would not take on fuel

    Practically any or all convenience store gas stations require the ignition be turned off. The vent valve is located at the outlet, de-energized and normally open, purge valve to the throttle body, normally closed when de-energize, so that blocks fume flow . Fuel tank has two means of escape for...
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    Class C MH on a E 450 chassis would not take on fuel

    These fuel evaporative control systems at times can be a pain where you sit. By far the greatest fuel evaporative savings was accomplished by dumping the carb and going to fuel injectors., carbs always had to be vented, and if your vehicle was parked in a closed garage, walk into gas smelling...