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    2014 Chrysler Town and country

    Dealer says the power steering fluid is burnt and the fluid needs to be replaced. I have never heard of this before. Is this normal? I had the vehicle in for an AC repair and they came back with is information.
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    2001 GMC Jimmy 4.3 heater problem

    I recently purchased a used 2001 GMC Jimmy. It has a 4.3, runs really well but I am learning that it has some issues with the heater. This started by the AC coming and going. I checked the AC charge and it was up and good. So I cleaned the tapped around on the low pressure fitting and that...
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    2004 Chey Cavalier clutch

    My daughter has a 2004 Chevy Cavalier that has a problem with the clutch. The throw out bearing went out about a year ago and we my son replaced it and the master cylinder... of course you have to pull the transmission because the Throw out bearing is around the shaft. ok... that worked fine...
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    2003 Ram 1500 Quad cab heater

    I have a 2003 Ram 1500 Quad cab with a 5.9. The heater was not blowing air down to our feet. I took the dash apart and checked out the controllers. I did not find a problem but when I put it back together the unit was working fine (I thought)... now I have air flow going to my feet in the...
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    1994 Eagle Summit

    I have a 1994 Eagle Summit wagon. All of a sudden the turn signals stopped working, both sides. The 4 way flashers work fine. My first thought is to replace the flasher but I can not find any drawings to it's location. There is a couple of relays under the dash near the steering wheel...
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    2003 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 5.9

    I recently bought this truck and I'm trying to find out how to remove the overhead console. All the manuals I have looked at talk about taking out the screws from within the sunglasses holder. My truck console does not have the sunglasses holder. Could one of you kind experts tell me how to...
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    operating manual

    I'm looking for an operating manual for a Sun Electric corp. Air Kare SAK-500 reclaimer. Anyone have one they could fax, email or have a source? Thanks in advance, Tim
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    97 olds 88 fuel gauge

    we just got a 1997 olds 88 with 3. 8, auto and power everything. When you start it the gas gauge reads full (the tank is supposed to be full) but exactly 30 seconds after you start it the gas gauge will imediately drop to empty. any ideas? Is there a relay for the fuel gauge? Thanks in...
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    2003 Kia Sorento

    My wife just (today) bought a 2003 Kia Sorento. It did not have a FOB (wireless remote) with it but the dealer found one for a 2006 and gave it to us. He did not know if it would work on the 2003 or not but he was going to have the Service department program it. Of course it was Saturday and...
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    2000 Nissan altima brakes

    A friend of mine has a 2000 Nissan altima. She took it to Nissan to have the Brakes changed. Now the brakes squeal (loudly) in reverse and when they are wet. She has had it back to Nissan 4 times and all they tell her is that it is the material that the pads are made out of. The car did not...