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  1. bp042665

    ac leak

    keep having A A/C Leak at the compressor put 2 on it still leaks New From Napa
  2. bp042665

    lock up in and out

    hi all just putting this out there 4 L 60 E transmission at crusing speeds of 55 to 60 mph lock up kicks in and out does not set codes i have checked all the sensors all ok i can engage it with scanner manualy does not do it watch lock up data and computer is comanding it to do this havent seen why
  3. bp042665

    Idle Fine no run problem

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:VW MOD Cobrio YEAR:1999 MILES: ENGINE:2.0 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Came In No Start Put Ignition Cap & Rotor Start's Fine But upon Test Dive It Falls On Face And Die's Starts Right Back Up But when Trying to accellorate it dies
  4. bp042665

    Brake Pedal Fade

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Jeep MODEL:Wrangler Unlimited X Mail Vehicle YEAR:2009 MILES:233,429 ENGINE:3.8 L V6 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Customer Replaced Master Cylinder ABS Module And Pump Assembly Brake Pedal Drops To The Floor
  5. bp042665

    no down shift 4L60E

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL:Trail Blazer YEAR:2002 MILES:17065 ENGINE:4.2 L DESCRIBE Down Shift loss of power light on but no codes Replaced the accelerate Pedal fixed the problem under live data the comuter never comanded it back to first until...
  6. bp042665

    no start cranks fine

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE Mini MODEL:Coop YEAR:2004 MILES: ENGINE:1.6 DESCRIBE ISSUE... no spark after battery replaced car lot put new crank and cam sensor before he brought it to me you know im more of a transmission guy so some help please thanks my all-data pro...
  7. bp042665

    mechanic lounge

    anyone besides me having trouble veiwing the fire story
  8. bp042665

    2006 Chevy Colorado 3.5 L Auto 4 X 4 5 Cylnder

    hi all just got my wife this truck and she loves it but i got a problem with a skip code P0300 random miss fire with my laptop on it i can watch Cyl 1 Skip then cyl3 skip and so on but not just 1 cylinder it jumps around .Fuel Pressure is 65 Psi coil ohms good and i just put A/C Delco plugs in...
  9. bp042665

    1998 toyota tacoma 3.4L automatic mis fire

    hi all got a stumper here 98 toyota tacoma 3.4 L Misfire on 2&5 Cylinder moved the coil to different cylnder still got 2&5 misfire new plugs still got it any clue?
  10. bp042665

    coil constant fire

    Hi all i got 1 i haven't seen before 1994 F150 5.0L turn key on and coil keeps firing with out you turning it over anyone seen this before ? any help thx Bobby
  11. bp042665

    July 4 th

    I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY 4Th Of July be safe and have fun
  12. bp042665

    no start intermittent

    2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7 L 4X 4 Automatic OK here goes i have a customer that I've done all the work to this jeep he'll got to store and be there 20 minutes comes out and it will crank but no start sit for about 15 more minutes and i get there to check it and it will start any info would helpful
  13. bp042665

    electronic climate control not lighting up

    Hi All let me pick your brains here 2001 Lincon Town car 4.6L its my niece and she live in Kansas so here's the problem the display on the climate control is not luminating but every thing works the buttons light up and the blower and all works but no display any help will be nice or she has...
  14. bp042665

    2013 Nissan Juke TPMS Code

    hi all my son had a wreck in the ice and hit a curb right at the tpms sensor and the ins company wont replace it unless i can give them a code any one lnow any code for a tire pressure sensor? Ok Never mind i found it
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    i would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year and hope everyone is well and safe this time of the year
  16. bp042665

    2006 ford crown vic (poice intersepter)

    Hi all i got a police car that has a problem. The car came in with a complaint that it would shut down while driving. After test driving the vehicle, it wouldn't make it 100 yards, no matter the throttle position, it would shut down. Ran a computer scan and came up with codes: U0300- Internal...
  17. bp042665

    Electrical & Lighting

    hi all got a customer that has a very nice 1953 M38A1 Military Jeep I'm hoping there might be someone that can help me with the lighting on this when i hook up the brake pressure switch and apply the brake the head lights and brake light come on not sure if this is the way the worked on this...
  18. bp042665

    brake pedal goes to floor

    hi all I'm working on 2006 ford expedition 4.6L 4x4 when at the stop foot on brake pedal it will normally start to drop to floor i believe it is master cylinder related but not positive i checked all 4 wheel and pads are like new any advice is helpful
  19. bp042665

    timing belt and running problem?

    OK i am working on a 1997 ford Ranger 2.3L it came in with the timing belt broken so i line all the timing marks up and replace belt not the customer says it didn't run dogish before belt broke so i checked marks again and they are in time as all-data pro said checked compression all in range...
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    i would like to say hi to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS and also be safe