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  1. GM Guy

    Gauge cluster erratic

    2004 Chevy Venture LS model, 76k mi. Speedometer and temp gauges are acting flaky. Speedometer is jumps while accelerating or cruising and doesn't read 0 when standing still. Wife says the temp gauge doesn't come up to normal reading when van is warmed up.( I need to connect my laptop to it to...
  2. GM Guy

    Plastic valve covers on late model GMs

    Have any of you professional mechanics had issues with aftermarket plastic valve covers ( ok, maybe it's actually a cam cover) that include the PCV valve ? Gm 1.4L, 1.6L, 1.8L. I recently replaced a factory cover on an '08 Saturn Astra 1.8L n/a with an aftermarket part.. The problem was a...
  3. GM Guy

    Periodic belch of smoke out the tailpipe

    Son's car. We replaced the valve cover and now periodically, the car blows out blue smoke. The replacement looked identical and fit well. Is there something quirky about the pcv circuit in this engine? The engine is in excellent condition and has never used a drop of oil, it simply leaked onto...
  4. GM Guy

    Oil in intake manifold

    I replaced all intake manifold gaskets (Fel-pro) and the upper intake plenum(Dorman, I think) about 65k mi ago, when I bought the car for a to/from work car. The car has always used some oil, but has started to use more than 1 qt/1000mi. Last summer I had to replace the MAF sensor and while...
  5. GM Guy


    This truck has sat for a couple years. I put all new brake lines and brakes all the way around. New rotor/cap/wires/plugs. It had a full tank of (old) gas. I added injector cleaner and gas treatment just in case there might have been water in the fuel. When I first started it it ran roughly and...
  6. GM Guy

    Hard start/ Help with Auto Enginuity

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL:Monte Carlo YEAR:2004 MILES:148k ENGINE:3400 DESCRIBE ISSUE....First, forget the Auto Enginuity question, I'll ask that later. I've got a rough idle when hot in gear and it has died a time or two. When restarted (lots of crank...
  7. GM Guy

    Fluke meter

    What is the most versatile meter to use on automotive troubleshooting? I use a Fluke 87V or 787 process meter at work every day. I prefer Fluke and can buy them at somewhat of a discount. What do the professionals prefer?
  8. GM Guy

    2004 Monte Carlo turn signals intermittently not working

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL:Monte Carlo YEAR:2004 MILES:133k ENGINE:3400 DESCRIBE ISSUE... Sometimes the turn signals won't work. No light, no flash, no anything. I have replaced the multifunction switch, but the problem is still there. Where do I start...
  9. GM Guy

    Cruze question

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL:Cruze YEAR:2013 MILES:143k ENGINE:1.4l Turbo, 6spd M DESCRIBE ISSUE....I'm looking at this Cruze for my college age son. My concern is the miles. It appears to be meticulously maintained and drives great. My question is this= How...
  10. GM Guy

    Intermittent Electrical Power Loss

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:GMC MODEL:K2500 YEAR:1995 MILES:217k ENGINE:5.7L DESCRIBE ISSUE....While cranking engine to start, I have power to the gauges and crank circuit BUT--Intermittently-- have no ignition. At this time there also are no "idiot" lights...
  11. GM Guy

    Vacuum actuator???

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Oldsmobile MODEL:88 LS YEAR:1996 MILES:125k ENGINE:3800 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I'm running the A/C hard now that its hot and I'm reminded that when accelerating, the a/c blows out the vents lighter, although the blower does not slow its speed...
  12. GM Guy

    Intermittent O2 sensor code

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Scion MODEL:tC YEAR:2009 MILES:81000 ENGINE:2.4L DESCRIBE ISSUE....My son's car...The cel has come on a couple times and we have previously just erased the code with a hand held code reader( oxygen sensor all previous times, downstream, I...
  13. GM Guy

    Pulsating Lights

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE Pontiac MODEL:Montana YEAR:2006 MILES: 120k ENGINE:3.5L DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Pulsating lights. Occurs at various rpm, temps, speeds. I have researched thru the archives here and found that another member had a similar...
  14. GM Guy

    TTY Head bolts

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:GMC MODEL: K2500 YEAR:1995 MILES: high ENGINE:5.7L TBI DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I am replacing the heads on the above vehicle and its been 20+ years since I've been this deep into an engine and I think I need a little refresher. First: Does this...
  15. GM Guy

    1996 Olds 88 LS BCM ?

    First of all everything is factory stock, no aftermarket radio/anti-theft etc... 3800 eng. 100k mi. **NO CEL** 1.)I have absolutely no interior lights. Not thru the auto-dimming, dome light switch at headlight, or the switch on each of the 4 ceiling dome lights, no courtesy lights, or thru the...
  16. GM Guy

    3800 Series II

    I have just bought a 1996 Olds with the legendary 3800 engine in it. I want to replace the intake gaskets as a preventative measure and would like to know which gaskets to use. I prefer Felpro gaskets, but can one of you professionals guide me to the best replacement so that I don't need to do...
  17. GM Guy

    2004 Monte Carlo

    '04 Monte Carlo, 3400 eng. 100k mi. well maintained. While driving it today, as I was changing lanes to pass a semi, the car shuddered as if the engine missed or the trans downshifted and lit the CEL. From searching that code (P0101) on thus forum, I see that vacuum leaks, pcv valves, K&N...
  18. GM Guy

    Autoenginuity scan tool

    Any one heard of this software for reading codes/looking at live data?
  19. GM Guy

    Premium fuel??

    I'm considering purchasing a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI w/3800 Supercharged for my high school aged son to drive. Does the supercharged engine require premium fuel or can 87 octane be run in it?
  20. GM Guy

    Pass Key ???

    2004 Monte Carlo LS 3400 auto, 72k mi. No CEL. How do I tell if this car is equipped with the theft deterrent key with a chip in it. I have a cars w/PK1, PK2, and PK3. All are easily identified. This ignition key has no id whatsoever. I need a duplicate ignition key and the hardware store guy...