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    Rear axle bump stops

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL: Blazer YEAR:1999 MILES: 151200 ENGINE:4.3 (VIN W) DESCRIBE ISSUE....does anyone other than Timbren make rear axle bump stops for these?
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    99 GMC Yukon

    Does anyone have a set of electrial diagrams for the sunroof on these things? Elsewhere I found a comment that if the battery power is removed with the sunroof open that the BCM thinks it is closed and must be reset with a dealers scan tool. I would like to verify that this is the problem...
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    1998 Honda Accord

    Had a 1" pnumatic impactor and many tanks of air,failed to budge the Crank bolt. Any and all suggestions or tricks to get this thing loose are welcome and will be tried. This is the 2.3 4 cylinder.
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    GMC 4.3 6 cylinder

    :'(I could us some advice on this one. In the past few months I have put together 2 of the late model Vortex engines with the composite(read cheap ass plastic) timing chain covers. Both started leaking after a short time. One was in a Blazer where the whole engine has to be raised to get the...