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    2003 Ford E-350 5.4L No Start

    Trying to troubleshoot/repair for a buddy. 2003 Ford E350 with 5. 4L, 130k on the odometer, no issues up until yesterday morning when it wouldn't start. Cranks fine but won't catch. Randomly during cranking it will sometimes half-catch but not fire up, just back to cranking. Motor seems to...
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    1996 Bronco Front Wheel Hub

    Experiencing issue with 1996 Bronco full-size front wheel hub - I had converted from factory auto hubs to Warn Manual Premium several years ago (made sure to get the full conversion set - hub body, lock nuts, etc. ) and had no issues from 2005 to current. Lately I had been having a little bit...
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    96 Ford Bronco 5.8 Semi-High idle

    1996 Bronco, 5. 8, auto/E4OD, about 200k. Truck used to idle ~500-600 rpm. A few days ago the truck began idling at ~1000 rpm even after engine warmed up. The truck idles high while coasting, at 1000 rpm, and sometimes after higher revs only slows to ~1500 rpm without having a foot on the...