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    Burned Bolt EV

    I'm thinking of bidding on this one. Anybody have a guess as to what is over there on the passenger-side to burn like that?
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    Propane for A/C

    I hope to get some useful discussion, but expect to get some blasts, too. I will try to keep "thick skinned"! I have read hints that R-290 (propane) can work well in place of R-134a; but is illegal here in USA due to fire danger. Being a curious soul, I wanted to try anyway... It is a '95 SL2...
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    Riddle me this, Batman...

    It is an old B&S engine (model 190402-3034-02) that had the con rod bearing seizing. My first thought was that I simply had it too low on oil, but I found the "splasher" that is supposed to be on the bottom of the rod was missing. It was found, broken, with both pieces in the sump. The...
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    Ford 4R70W shifting problem

    Yes, this is the same truck I put a JY trans into last Nov. It is about 200 miles away right now, I only have "phoned-in" symptoms but want to get started gathering info. Hopefully it will get back after a long slow drive tonight. For the last few months the 1-2 shift has been delayed, the...
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    R134a port caps

    These are the "small" ports, with a thread about 5/16"-24 on the inside. Does anybody know where I can buy metal caps? I think I have a leak at one port that I would like to "cure" using a good tight cap. Lots of plastic caps are available, but I don't believe they will be tight for the long...
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    Need power window schematics

    The driver's side window is intermittent, always goes down but sometimes doesn't want to go back up. It can take a lot of button pushes.
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    EV drive motor wave-form

    Have you had a chance yet to scope the wave-form of the drive power? I have been trying to do so with commercial VFDs and a commercial (induction) motor to start getting some understanding of what is going on. There are many images on the 'net of these wave-forms, pretty easy to understand and...
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    Chevy Bolt transmission/motor

    I watched a good video today (1 hr!) on complete disassembly of that; just for learning about it. I hope I never have to go that deep into one. The unit is quite simple to understand except for the "transmission mode actuator". What does that do? There is talk (in the video) about it...
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    EV Braking systems

    This is a scary part of EVs for me. I have never been a fan of ABS or traction control; I feel both are not needed and are expensive complication to a vehicle. However, the need for regen in an EV results in a braking system that I expect makes ABS/TC seem simple. Is the braking a separate...
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    Battery Charge Management System (BCMS)

    My understanding is that the BMS monitors voltage and temperature of each cell. Does it also monitor current for each cell? If there is a fault, either in charge or discharge, can the BMS isolate an individual cell from the battery circuit? That would seem to take a lot of power transistors...
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    Scanning for Chevy Bolt codes or live-data

    So, what would I need to get for the Bolt? My perception is that OBD2 standards don't necessarily apply. Is there a standard for connector and data that is fairly universal for EVs, or are we back to the pre-OBD days when all manufacturers had unique?
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    Auto trans extension (tailshaft) seal

    There are several styles, short/long boot and such, how can I tell which trans seal this is? Is the trans identifiable by pan shape/screw-count? If I get a photo of the seal as-installed can an expert ID it? It looks easy to R&R, so I would like to get one ahead of time to minimize down-time.
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    Chainsaw duckbill valve

    Well, this is a desperate shot-in-the-dark! I'm looking for duckbill valves to use as a "foot valve" for chemical metering pumps. I have done a lot of searching online and duckbills seem to be common in only four variants: 1) large, like 1-1/2" and up into many feet in diameter 2) very small...
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    Live data from ELM327

    What programs (free, preferably) can read OBD2 live-data for transmissions? I looked at info for "Torque Pro" and could not find what fields it reads.
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    A challenge for NickD...

    You have often mentioned opening up small. sealed, ball-bearings (even new ones) to clean out "inferior" grease and put in your favorite. So, how do you open those? The only way I can see is to insert a small blade between the inner lip of the seal and the bearing inner race and pry up. This...
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    '99 Ford 150 serp belt idler

    It is the upper idler, on a 4.2L V-6 The obvious way to R&R that Idler is to remove the single big screw through its bearing. However, it is a big screw with small (Torx) drive. It won't budge in either direction, and e even snapped a Torx bit going hard in the CCW direction. Is that idler...
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    No heat in cabin

    I'm just getting into this. As it warms up both heater hoses are heating, before the top rad hose is flowing; so I'm kind of assuming there is flow through the heater core. I need diagrams showing how I can reach in and make sure the core is getting hot, and how to check the blend door. I'm...
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    '09 Honda Fit Brake bleeding

    1.5L engine, if it matters. The FR caliper has to be replaced; it had a goodly leak and dumped all the fluid. I don't know if it has ABS, but presume it does by that MY. So, does it have diagonal braking, or F & R? If it has ABS what hoops am I going to have to go through, assuming there is...
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    '09 Honda Fit brakes

    My son has decided to help a friend change pads/shoes now, while I am 1000 miles away. He'll have all my tools available, but my only help will have to be over the phone. Any hints about "gotchas" with this job? Does anybody have a good view of the rear shoes/levers/springs? I am encouraging...
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    Battery date-code

    When was this made? It is an AC/Delco ACD75-60, with two numbers that look like they could be the date-code. 1LJ031525 hot-stamped into the case (edge of cover) 274324 on the label (which also has "7/09" on it, so I'm thinking that is a hint...)