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  1. Mobile Dan

    1988 Ford Ranger 2.9 Missing

    You might have a problem with Dist rotor indexing. This means that your spark has to jump a gap that is too far under some conditions because the rotor/spark timing puts the rotor tip too far away from the pin inside the Dist cap at the moment that the spark is fired. Does that Dist have a...
  2. Mobile Dan

    Propane for A/C

    Solubility...oil in an R-12 system mixes like sugar and water. Oil in a 134-a system does not "dissolve" in the refrigerant, it just gets pushed through the system like an oil slick on a river. I don't know what propane would do...
  3. Mobile Dan

    Coil on Spark Plugs, how to remove.

    No tool that I know of, just a procedure. Repeated twisting, combined with pushing and pulling can help get it loose. Don't twist it more than 1/8th of a turn in either direction, even if space allows it.
  4. Mobile Dan

    Need power window schematics

    I would remove door panel, disconnect wires to motor, connect headlamp bulb to substitute for typical motor load. Now try your switch...does bulb light every time you press the switch (up or down)? If Down works good but Up is have a bad switch.
  5. Mobile Dan

    2007 Toyota Tacoma 50K miles dead battery after sitting a week.

    Maybe require a report after Saturday use. "I'm done with the truck." ..."Ya got the door closed?"
  6. Mobile Dan

    2017 Chevy Volt rear calipers

    Some vehicles have a way to retract p-brake in a "Service Mode". (a computer does the work for you) I have retracted some by (carefully) using a 12v source like a jump box. Removing the motor can be difficult due to rust/plastic/threadlocker. Some motors have a "manual" option if you remove a...
  7. Mobile Dan

    miss fire on cylinder #4

    Revisiting this concern....Can you remove #4 coil, then reconnect to harness to verify that good spark is actually happening? (bad PCM or harness problem) Also...don't be fooled by possible software issue that scanner says #4, but the actual problem cylinder is a different one. How many coils on...
  8. Mobile Dan

    miss fire on cylinder #4

    I can't say I've ever changed an injector because it was "stuck open", but if the engine runs better with #4 injector disconnected (electrically) leakage might be the problem (over-fueling at idle). Another guess would be camshaft lobe wear.
  9. Mobile Dan

    '03 chevy Impala headlight plug corrosion

    Some cleaners are unkind to plastic, you don't want to "melt" your connector or fuse the two halves together.
  10. Mobile Dan

    '03 chevy Impala headlight plug corrosion

    Some connectors have a "support block" inside that will pop out (if you can figure out how to release you like puzzles?).
  11. Mobile Dan

    '03 chevy Impala headlight plug corrosion

    Various "electrical contact cleaner" sprays available. Good to follow up with "dielectric grease". Sometimes it is more of a mechanical issue and the sockets can be tweaked for a tighter fit.
  12. Mobile Dan

    2000 Toyota Tundra white smoke

    I hope the vacuum hoses are easy to reach. Mark them, remove and look for oil in the hoses and the valve. With the hoses removed, see if oil squirts out of the valve ports when you run the engine and turn the steering wheel.
  13. Mobile Dan

    2000 Toyota Tundra white smoke

    Classic "companion symptom" would be misfire at startup lasting 2-20 seconds. Coolant in a cylinder kills the spark until the plug dries enough to begin working again. Could be head gasket or intake gasket (some engine designs).
  14. Mobile Dan

    no start,1992 dodge dakota 3.9L

    When you turn the key on (not cranking), the ASD should click on, then click off about 1 second later. Does that happen? At the same time the DK GRN/ORG wire at the coil should have 12 volts for about 1 second (back to 0 volts when ASD clicks off). Does THAT happen? If you turn the key off and...
  15. Mobile Dan

    Crank/Cam Re-Learn Procedure for 2014 Jeep Cherokee

    This code would point at the problem, I think. Injector #2 has a failed internal electrical circuit, or the wire harness between computer and injector has failed, or the computer has an internal failure for the injector driver circuit. Some basic questions...Where is Injector #2 located?...How...
  16. Mobile Dan

    no start,1992 dodge dakota 3.9L

    Have you verified that "spark power" is happening at spark plugs? Have you sprayed "starting fluid" into engine to provide an alternate fuel source to compensate for a possible lack of fuel flow?
  17. Mobile Dan

    2000 Ford Mustang AT base model v6 3.8 - radiator/heater core issue

    It is possible that more junk came loose days or weeks after the "flush job" and that junk has some of the heater core tubes blocked.
  18. Mobile Dan

    2000 Ford Mustang AT base model v6 3.8 - radiator/heater core issue

    How does the Hot/Cold control seem to work? If that seems to be working 100% normal (not sticky, jamming, noisy)...then my best guess is... partially blocked heater core. If you say "But, But, But, Full flush and fill!" I'm just going to cross my arms and look you straight in the eyes and say...