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  1. nickb2

    battery goes flat bmw x1

    Battery goes flat. History on car is pretty much my co workers gf wanted this bmw tit jumping style. Knowing my buddy max, she can jump all she wants, he is saying you wanted it, now deal with it. Now she has brought it to me. Oh boy. So, I check all essential, battery is a new agm, starter...
  2. nickb2

    Trying new tool company, wanted to know if any of you guys use em.

    I have been very dissatisfied lately with mac and snap and have just stop buying from them. I even refuse to take their flyers. So I bought some tools on line today. Things that I would normally buy off the truck. The company is called tekton, located in grand rapids I think. Do any of you...
  3. nickb2

    need advice again, this time is on what car should I buy?

    Hello guys, me again asking advice. I am in the market for a newish car. I was looking at a 2009 bmw 323i at a price point I could handle on finance, but bank didnt want to finance on a 2009, but would finance on a 2016 bmw 328xi, Problem is, I wanted the inline six, not the 4 banger turbo...
  4. nickb2

    bad snap on truck review

    Ok guys, since I got some good positive info on my last review of the mini ductor, I want to talk about the tool truck van scam. In my opinion, snap on is screwing its own self by not providing customer service like before. Way before the tool truck scam was already dying because they cant...
  5. nickb2


    I am going to post this here cuz I just love this tool. And as a disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with this company. I make no profit by posting this here. So, I have to say, this tool is now mine cuz I love it so much. Since I am not a professional writer and lack in english skills...
  6. nickb2


    Try to help ppl.
  7. nickb2

    Oops, my uncle did it again.

    Oh, funny and not so funny story that happened thursday. My uncle was mowing lawn. It was 30+c outside, he left a few lumps of grass here and there, he is old and not so in good health to be mowing lawn in that temps, but I digress. End of deal, spontaneous combustion, total tally of fire is...
  8. nickb2

    I did it again, oh oh baby baby

    Sometimes, I just cant help myself. I was driving back from work, going to get my daily six pack of brewskies and saw a tv on a bed on side of street. A bluetooth, wifi, smart tv plasma from back in 2012 I pulled over, looked at screen in angles with sunlight to find cracks. Found none, best...
  9. nickb2

    BMW twin turbo "Rookie mistake" that almost cost 2110.00$$

    I found myself head overs heels on job at work that just went sideways from get go. Counter guy gives me an easy job, I do these in my sleep so to speak. A oil leak on a 2015 bmw 320 x drive twin turbo slash BS car. GDI turbos with 4 banger tech is the worst stuff to deal with. Runs to hot...
  10. nickb2

    new compressor is installed at work, how long will it last is the question

    As title says. I forsee a lot more maintenance on this thing than the trusty old devilbiss that is older than the 1960 building. :eek: I am going to miss that old devil, it was a work horse, not sure about this one, it whines all day, never stops. It a screw type comp. Hot as heck to, will be...
  11. nickb2

    Canada. OMG.

    Sport wise, been a good year, but these two local guys shook south korea. Hats off, great camps.
  12. nickb2

    Hello all. Just wanted to say happy holidays.

    So, I will start, thnx for all here that just kept coming back. Second, thx for all those who had a hard time this year, and still kept coming back. And for new years, I want to thx those who will STILL keep coming back even if they dont want to. Third, thx for those who listened to my uselss...
  13. nickb2

    Dealing with work and personal issues. Which is best? Honesty or denial?

    So, as the above header goes, I have some questions about this. I am, again, another day off for personal issues. My time bank was ok til last month. My sister started getting really sick last year, actually, started dec 2018. I took a whole bunch of accumulated pay for that, and she just...
  14. nickb2

    What scope to buy for a busy Automotive shop?

    A co worker and I have been tasked to check out what is on the market scope wise in a complete master lit. This thread will not be active long as the choice has to be made before quarter of business budget, whatever that means. All I know is we have a budget, but not for the PICO master kit...
  15. nickb2

    tesla model x

    How to not answer a simple question.
  16. nickb2

    have an auto boss v30 for sale, those in the know, plz make a bid.

    I have an auto boss for sale on the down low. Last update was I think 2011/2012. Great for europe cars, very good for asian, very above average on the american side. It is a complete kit, the pro kit with the printer and mercedes programing and coding module. Like new, only the OBD2 adapter...
  17. nickb2

    The woes of reflashing and right to repair act.

    Since I have a day off cuz I have one eye shut due to a work related incident/ got something in eye and now infected swollen shut,. I can still see somewhat out of my left eye and can still type. Chrylser, first of all really sucks in the aftermarket for this arena of discussion. After trying...
  18. nickb2

    2006 bmw 325xi wagon reduced power mode

    2a32/2a47 or obd P1017, Car came to me after being towed to shop, apprentice could not open hood, so broke it open, found a no start, called a starter. Shop foreman says to me to replace as he feels this is more up my ally than the apprentice. Start car, notice long start, check engine on...
  19. nickb2

    I have a dream. Advice on how to proceed needed. Plz read.

    Ok, Hi guys and galls. I have had a dream for some time now. The dream is as follows, and my needed advice is on how to make this happen as NON PROFIT. This is very important. So here goes. I want to open a computer resource for the nice ppl of my community that unfortunately don't have...
  20. nickb2

    again, for those atheist

    Sister back in hospital. Not long term good.