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    Very rusty fuel injectors

    I wanted to replace a gasket and the fuel injectors had to come out. Some are extremely rusty on the body. I'm doing this job because a valve cover flange rusted out. I may have to replace one injector because it got damaged removing. It was one with the intake. Now, I'm thinking of replacing...
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    Moth in Engine!

    Working on an OHV engine (changing lower intake manifold) and a moth went right for the camshaft! I had a light shining and he flew right passed it. Intake ports stuffed with towels, I was going to cover the rest when I was done scraping. I see now how important it is to expose a minimum of the...
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    Lexus GS350 AWD - small diff leak

    I have a small axle seal leak on the front diff. Problem with this car is they tried to put a toyota truck drivetrain in a sedan. The passenger half shaft is like 4' long and goes thru a bearing which is seems to be part of the engine block. Do you know if the subframe has to be dropped to...
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    06 4.6 3v Explorer -*P0420* *corrected* and possible exhaust leak

    Looking to buy this and working with a dealer. Except for this it runs perfect. I believe there is a new(er) cat - it has those California Carb numbers on the shield (along with a bunch of other new parts, 02 sensors, maybe the last owner gave up). No idea how old it is. The explorer has a...
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    Gear pattern

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: Explorer YEAR: 96 MILES: 150K ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE.... A new carrier was installed after the bearing saga and I got this gear pattern. Backlash is 9-10 tested in 4 places. Looks all centered but I'm wondering if should be a...
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    Carrier bearings installed with heat?

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: 8.8 axle YEAR: MILES: ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I don't own a press. So I drop off a new 8.8" carrier with a trac-lok to get those tapered bearing pressed on. I asked if they have a press, they said yes. Many places won't even...
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    Grand Marquis wheel wont return to center!

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Mercury MODEL: GM (Grand Marquis, not a GM!) YEAR: 98 MILES: 147K ENGINE: 4.6L DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Ok, here goes..Done alot so far. This is an old school box steering system like you would find on a heavy duty truck today. Basically the...
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    Leaking Obsolete brake proportioning valve - Junk car?

    My 95 conti is leaking from the proportioning valve screw. This part is NOWHERE to be found. I tried dealers, online searches, ebay, obsolete places, many yards (they don't even list this part in their computers). Is there any way to repair this valve? I put a 19mm on it and it seems very tight...
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    Inner tie rod removal question -Taurus/Continental- Backup wrench needed?

    The inner ties have to be r/r ed on my 95 Linc continental. I have the boots off, and the tool to do it. I'm just wondering now if you have to hold the rack with a backup wrench if you do this job. It looks nearly impossible unless you remove the rack. I read yes and no on the internet, there...
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    Champion EZ-start plugs are terrible

    I maintain my 20Hp twin briggs well, so I decided to get a better plug (thought so) this time instead of the RJ-19LM for the yearly tune. I got a champion 5861 thin electrode plug and its horrible. I can't believe they call it an ez-start! I thought it was the gap first, so I took it out and...
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    Fuel trim/OBD question

    Looking for opinions... I have a 95 conti, DOHC, I have a graphing scanner so there is no guessing. I had a lazy 02 sensor and a P0133 and P0171, and looking at the random nature of the lean o2 on bank 1 I changed the sensor and set all monitors, everything is working fine. Car has no...
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    95 continental brake drag quandry

    Passenger front wheel, had smoking front caliper. inspected car, no fluid came out of caliper bleed screw, took off hose, nothing, but fluid came out of line when I loosened flare fitting. The hose was also off its bracket (and so was the other side) so I replaced both front hoses. Did Pads and...
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    EGR valve question

    Is an EGR valve supposed to have a perfect positive seal on the pintle? I took out an EGR valve on a ford 4.6 application, cleaned it out very well and it holds vacuum and opens and closes the pintle. However, I noticed TB cleaner will leak from the upper chamber to the lower when I cleaned...
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    Question about brake flares

    do they have to be perfectly square? The tool I have from harbor freight seems to make ok flares, but one edge sticks out a bit more than the other, like it is offset by a millimeter (like the entire flare is pushed off center). It always seems to come out that way, thinking of just going with...
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    Question about braided section of hard brake line

    My explorer has 3/16" brake lines, and a 8" section of braided stainless steel brake near the takeoffs from the ABS unit. After that its all steel to the calipers. No one seems to have this part. I believe its to allow for body flex or ease the factory installation of the lines. Is this part...
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    Changing rubber brake hoses for Preventive maint

    I have a situation as posted where I'm changing all the steel lines for corrosion. I'm up in the air now if I should change all the rubber hoses at 140K on my explorer, I hear they sometimes fail. It is between 75-100$ in parts for all, a shop told me it would cost more double that to change...
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    installing new steel brake line on a 96 explorer

    I had a corroded rear brake line on my 96 explorer. The failure was on the long one from the ABS pump to the axle, but I think I'm going to replace all steel brake lines because of corrosion. I want to replace the rubber hoses too, it is not really that much considering all this work. I'm...
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    Explorer blend door

    Thinking of replacing the 96 explorer blend door thru the evaporator hole when I swap it. It is working now but seems like good PM. Napa sells a $12 door. Anyone have experience with that? I already popped the blend door motor and put it back, so its just a matter of the door coming out.
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    replace accumulator in A/c?

    I have a 97 explorer with a evaporator leak. AC is broken over 2 years, so i guess moisture could have entered. Gonna fix soon. Should I get a new accumulator or leave the old one. I heard yes and no. Also, is it ok to use a repuatable aftermarket brand for A/C parts.
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    Damn corroded shackles

    So doing a diff fluid change on a 96 explorer I notice one of the rear shakles are almost completely corroded and chunking away :o. There are two bolts, the upper frame and lower spring bolt. I can get all the nuts off. THe upper bolt comes right out. The lower spring bolt seems to be...