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    Unleaded vs E85 break even point--cost/efficiency

    What is the break even point comparing the cost of unleaded vs the cost of E85? Unleaded fuel burns more efficiently than E85. But E85 is always cheaper. Around the Chicago area E85 is about 60 to 80 cents cheaper per gallon. At what price difference does it make economical sense to buy E85...
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    Engine compartment noise.

    This noise occurs right after the vehicle is turned off. Noise can be duplicated by cycling key on key off. It has a rhythm similar to that of a windshield washer pump and the tone of a step motor/valve. It seems to emanate from the middle/bottom of engine and cycles 3 to 4 times b4 it stops...
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    Autool SDT 206 Smoke Machine

    Anybody have any experience or thoughts on this unit? One web site gives a good review; Another web site says this unit is not suitable foe EVAP systems...
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    Could this code be set by leaking PVC fitting? This elbow is off the air box.
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    Control Module DTC

    Can anyone help with a U3000:09-88 DTC?
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    smoke machine

    Hello all, Anyone have any experience with the Stringer PRO 2 Smoke Machine? Is it worth the $135.00 on eBay?
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    Push Button Start

    Anybody know how to bump an engine over with push button start?
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    Valvoline Easy GDI

    Hello all. I recently had a Valvoline tech come out to demonstrate Valvoline's Easy GDI complete fuel system cleaning kit. We used the 3 part 871999 kit. The demo car is a 2013 CAD XTS with 36790 miles. Please note a prior cleaning was done by Cadillac Service using Valvoline kit 844697 at...
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    Excessive oil use GM 2.4 Eco-Tec

    Anybody hear if or knows the disposition of a class action law suit filed against GM regarding excessive oil consumption? This car goes through three quarts of oil in less than two months. Doesn't register on the dip stick, and the kicker, no oil light. Getting expensive.
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    Can't find a fuel pump relay.

    Anyone know how to disable the fuel pump on a 2013 Cad. XTS and SRX? Both have the 3.6 engine. Looking to preform a complete intake and fuel rail cleaning. Part of the process is disabling the fuel pump. Looked in three fuse boxes, no fuel pump relay.
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    2007 Trail Blazer Reaccurring P0449 code

    Replaced vent solenoid (AC Delco part) cleared code. Driven for two weeks, code comes back. Test like indicates good wiring. Ohm meter shows 80-100 OHMS across solenoid terminals. Reassembled making sure of good connection. 5 days later light on again. Any other specifics to look for?