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  1. paulo57509

    1998 Lexus LS 400 - Intake Manifold Removal

    I'm using the 1998 Toyota factory service manual (FSM) as a guide. I need some help and clarification regarding intake manifold removal. I have the intake manifold unbolted and I can partially raise it off the heads. However, there's something preventing the rear of the manifold from lifting...
  2. paulo57509

    Failed CA Emissions Inspection - High NOx

    MAKE: Chevrolet MODEL: Lumina Euro YEAR: 1992 MILES: 201k ENGINE: 3.1L (VIN T) My 1992 Lumina failed CA biennial emissions inspection for high NOx levels. Test results appear below. Initially, I suspected either an EGR problem or a lean mixture. I recorded the ALDL data stream during road...
  3. paulo57509

    '98 Lexus LS400 - Off Throttle Down Shifts

    My question is in regards to changing the down shift characteristics of the A650E in my LS400 (66k miles). I wouldn't call it a shifting problem. I would categorize it as more of an annoyance than anything else. I"ll try to explain what's happening. When off throttle on the brake...
  4. paulo57509

    2003 4L60e - Input Shaft End Play

    New member here and first post. I've searched and read through relevant posts and could not find a solution to my issue. I'm currently re-assembling this transmission after a 3-4 clutch burn-up and I'm having trouble establishing input shaft end play. There isn't any. There wasn't any end...