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  1. Hondadude

    2005 honda civic water leak

    The fastest way to find the leak is to use a spray powder, something like Dr Scholls. Spray the powder above where you can see the leak, then put the car under the sprinkler again. Then go dash diving again to follow the water trail upward; spray the powder higher each time you repeat the...
  2. Hondadude

    2000 honda accord se 2.3L with srs light on solid

    The most common problem for setting the SRS light in your model is the seat belt latch switch. Because it is a seat belt part it is covered for the life of the car under warranty. FREEBIE Head to your local dealer and see what they say the codes are, you can always tell them 'NO' if they want...
  3. Hondadude

    Honda ignition parts - is genuine Honda advised?

    I'd say go for the throttle plate clean, and you can also take the 2-12mm bolts out of the IAC valve and move it off the throttle body enough to spray out the screen on it. Just don't let any dummies tell you to take the throttle body off and dunk it in cleaner [attachment deleted by admin]
  4. Hondadude

    Civic Torque Converter Code

    The solenoids have a screen on them, I would say to first remove each one and be sure the screens are clean. You can gently remove them from the solenoid and spray them out with brake cleaner. The solenoids are attached to the side of the trans case, usually with 2-3 10mm bolts. While you have...
  5. Hondadude

    2001 civic lx code p1705

    yep under the shifter/console you can clean the contacts with a little brake clean on a rag
  6. Hondadude

    2001 civic lx code p1705

    Gear shifter position circuit. Spilled a cup of coffee in the console? Or the Trans Control Unit is mis-reading the gear position switch.
  7. Hondadude

    91 Acura Integra battery light comes on and engine bogs down only when fan is on

    Will the battery light come on if you turn on the rear window defroster? That might help prove if the ALT is not putting out enough power or there is a short somewhere. If you have a cheapo multi meter you can see if there is 14 volts at the battery terminals/connectors when the engine is...
  8. Hondadude

    1984 toyota 22r

    Seems like every one I've done, the cam sprocket won't line up just perfectly. If you put it all togther and the cam sprocket mark seems 1/2 tooth retarded you are okay.
  9. Hondadude

    2002 honda odyssey egr problem

    Well TSB is not warranty, so you probably are being told that american honda will not warranty canadian vehicles and that is true. There is a chance that the pintle in the valve is sticking and causing the code, might be worth the effort to remove the valve and blast it out with Berrymans B-12...
  10. Hondadude

    99 honda accord

    steering column coupler? And be sure to keep the steering wheel as centered as possible, the SRS reel only turns 1-1/2 turn in each direction.
  11. Hondadude

    Help 98 Toyota Camry LE 4.0 Wiring Plugs information

    Top of the page in the brown header bar; Get an AlldataDIY Repair Info Subscription
  12. Hondadude

    99 Honda 2.3

    1 hour is a normal shop flat rate charge
  13. Hondadude

    92 accord overheating temp switch is a simple cause of your problem
  14. Hondadude

    Vibration after belts replaced

    Timing Belt? or regular drive belts? Give the folks that did the work a chance to make it right for you.
  15. Hondadude

    99 Honda 2.3

    I think you are going to need to go to the dealer, the older immobilizer systems had a trick so you could start and drive one trip. something like turn on the key, step on the brake pedal 5 times, then crank the car over and drive to the dealership. The dealer tech will have to run a VIN status...
  16. Hondadude

    1991 Honda Accord

    A very common problem is cracked solder joints on the main relay. You should hear the fuel pump run for 2-3 seconds when the key is turned on. The usual symptom is the car won't start with the interior hot and then if it cools off some the engine starts. The main relay is under dash left of the...
  17. Hondadude

    91 honda EX

    You should see more than 14v from the ALT just after start up, also sounds like the ALT belt might need tightened/replaced. if you aren't getting good voltage from the ALT, try smacking it to see if it is a stuck/worn out brush. If the "caveman test" makes the voltage jump up to above 14v you...
  18. Hondadude

    92 Honda Accord tranny isssue

    D4 bulb indash is burned out; throttle to trans pressure lever cable is out of adjustment
  19. Hondadude

    97 civic ECM part needed

    How many pedals do you see on the drivers floor board?
  20. Hondadude

    2001 Accord w/idle problems

    is there a little slack in the throttle cable? I'd have to say things need to be checked but don't know how far you can go with testing. Timing advancing, TPS reading correctly, sure would be nice to check the fuel trims.