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    B&S Ignition

    As rusty looking as that coil is, I wonder how well the safety bale is working. Typically if the mower is left outside the weather gets down in the cable and makes it hard to pull. In short the cable stretches and doesn't pull the kill switch far enough to stop shorting the coil out. Had it...
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    2007 Hyundai Entourage problems

    Any chance when the brake lights stay on you can reach down and grab the brake pedal and pull it back up ? Although I have to say its been my experience that the quality of these brake light switched leaves something to be desired. Now as for the adjustable pedals, since you don't have the...
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    2003 Honda Accord Power Steering Pump is whining

    To add to what Jim says, Typically when that O ring is bad the fluid will turn foamy. Its pretty easy to change (one 10mm bolt if i recall) Might also try changing the fluid, an O ring and new power steering fluid can't cost that much. Typically if you turn the wheel back and forth lock to lock...
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    Anybody ever have a wheel fall due to loose lugnuts?

    I would like to throw out another theory to hear what you guys think about it. What if you replaced a hub and it had studs already pressed in for you. Now lets toss a wrench in to the whole mix by saying the studs were pressed most but not all of the way in. So the tech didn't notice that the...
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    2008 magnum headslights flicker

    ok but is the problem with JUST THE HEADLIGHTS, or is it with all of the lights. If its all of the lights its a charging system issue. Time to break out a multimeter and see what the charging system voltage is doing. The car I was working on would do it in a very narrow band 2,200RPM. Since you...
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    How do I change 2002 Malibu ignition switch?

    I would like to toss in one small idea. Have you tried the 10-10-10 method ? You turn the key to start and let it sit for 10 minutes in the accesory position, You repeat this for a total of 3 attempts wating 10 minutes between attempts. On the last attempt it should start. Last time I ran in to...
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    2008 magnum headslights flicker

    Is it just the headlights ? I had a similar problem with an 06 Chry 300. We replaced the battery under warranty at the customer's request but that didn't fix it. If I recall correctly there was a recall on the one I was working on, it had to do with a bulkhead connection that I believe was...
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    1999 Ford Ranger I can not remove the belt tensioner bolt

    Hi Bill, I didn't recall if I used the new or old bolt. I can think of a couple of different ways to get this bolt out. First and easiest I would try to get some PB blaster in there with a straw. Next I would try shocking it, access is fairly limited with the fan assembly on, you might have to...
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    1999 Ford Ranger I can not remove the belt tensioner bolt

    Hi Bill, Great idea for them to use a bolt with such a small head right ? Well prehaps I can help you out because I changed one out not too long ago. The thread is standard, lefty loosey, righty tighty. Now if you are removing the fan clutch to get it out of the way that large nut is reverse...
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    Weird Brake problems 1995 Lincoln Town Car

    Hey Bill, " However rear pads are in need of replacement." That worries me, no reason comes to mind of why they would need to be replaced. Something is definetely wrong with the brakes on this car. I was thinking the brakes are staying applied and thats why he has chewed through pads in 2k...
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    Weird Brake problems 1995 Lincoln Town Car

    Did I read that correct ? You only got 2,000 miles out of a set of pads ? if thats the case you need to look to see if the brakes are hanging up. If you the pads are used in that short span of time I can imagine the front rotors are FRIED. Should be looking for sticking calipers, slides, etc...
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    Installing a new battery on Toyota

    Hello Mileena, My shop puts in a large number of batteries, and we have a couple of memory savers. There are a number of ways to go about saving the memory. One way is to use a professional memory saver that plugs in to the diagnostic port and back powers the car through the port. Another is to...
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    100$ keys

    If the car has valve stems on it, why would they need to be replaced ? I am not sure what style of valve stem this new chevy uses. It could be the metal bolt in valve stem, or the rubber stem with the sensor bolted to the bottom. Are you saying the car has the option of having ABS ? I thought...
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    100$ keys

    Yes, the seal kit is much cheaper. You would only need to change the TPMS sensor assembly if it was damaged or if the battery is dead. Or if the valve core gets stuck with corrosion and splits the valve stem or when they try to remove the core the ears snap off. They make the stems out of really...
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    99 mitsbishi gilant 2.4 198000

    Rent a compression tester from the local auto parts store. Ford_Dude
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    99 mitsbishi gilant 2.4 198000

    Does it crank a little bit faster than it used to ? As in it lost compression due to a timing belt having broken. Lets start with the basic, fuel, spark, air. Is there gas in the tank ? Is the fuel pump running ? Is it delivering proper PSI and volume. Are the injectors firing. Does it have...
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    High Parasitic Battery Drain on a 1999 Avalon XLS

    leave nothing out, have the battery load tested. Everything starts and ends at the battery. Most parts stores will test the battery, alternator, and starter for free. I would have those checked and go from there. I don't know if you have a digital multimeter, amp clamp, or just a test light, but...
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    99 ford explorer sohc 4.0 175000

    Glad to hear you got it fixed. Ford_Dude
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    99 ford explorer sohc 4.0 175000

    Going to take a stab at this. I think you need to change the rubber PCV lines because they have softened and are collapsing. Seen it many many times on the PCV lines on late model fords. Ford_Dude
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    Stalled at the light

    Hello, The IAC is dead in the middle of the first picture. As for the DPFE sensor I can not see it in any of these pictures, if memory serves me its pretty burried, but prehaps somebody has a picture to clear up where its located. Ford_Dude