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    2013 Ford F-150 XLT 4x4, 4 Wheel Drive not engaging.

    Just had front lower ball joints and tirod ends replaced about a week ago. Went out this evening to a fishing spot and 4 wheel high would not engage. Just a bad spinning/grinding sound from the front, put it back in 2 wd and headed home. About a mile down the road it started making the sound...
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    92 Aerostar/ Airbag light flashing

    Constant flashing, is this where the trouble codes are given? It flashes 3 times then 4 times.
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    94 Lumina 3.1 ( Misfire)

    Have a 94 Lumina 3.1 with a miss when accelerating or going up a hill. It is a severe miss and will not accelerate will it's going on. On level ground or when there is not a load against the motor it runs fine. I put plugs and wires on the car about 2 or 3 years ago. Any help would be great, Thanks
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    01 Crown Victoria/ Noise from front of vehicle

    Not at idle or not moving. Can hear when driving around town at or below 30-35mph. Sounds like a squeek coming from somewhere outside up front, could it possibly be from the tenison pulley for the belt?? I have no idea where for sure it is coming from or what to look for. Help please..
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    Help; Just bought 2001 Ford Crown Victoria LX / ............

    Wiper motor is making a loud noise,wipers work fine and set back when turned off. Should I go ahead and replace the wiper motor? Also the anti-theft light on the left side of the dash blinks really fast after I start the car then after a few seconds just blinks like when the car is turned off...
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    94 Lumina 3.1 liter (Surging)

    When at idle or low speed the rpm surges to the point of dying when at idle speed. I have had the battery out before and this did not happen, I recently had the battery out and have been told that the computer lost it's memory and will have to be reprogrammed. Is this true and if so why? ???
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    Battery checks good/Won't start

    1994 Lumina 3.1 L. Had battery tested and it checked good. Car sounds just like a weak battery, it tries to turn over but not enough. I wonder what to replace next. Battery cables or the starter ???