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  1. bp042665

    4l60e electrical problem

    ok if forward sprag has rolled it will lose forward gears it holds for 1-2-3 releases for 4th you will never see a code for this do to its a hard part not electrical the computer monitures amps when solenoid is turned on if it see's a voltage drop it knows solenoid is working
  2. bp042665

    No shift out of 1st gear

    ok if reading live data check the gov pressure to the desire verse the accual see if the are a match to with in 5 psi
  3. bp042665

    Replacing a Kia Forte 2018 transmission. Align bell housing with dial indicator before install?

    Make sure the converter is all the way in for sure also after you put 2 Bellhousing Bolt's in make sure you can spin converter if not it might not be all the way in
  4. bp042665

    4L60E - Problem in second gear

    ok it sounds like its skipping 2nd and going into 3rd which is a common problem if it has a band problem or a reaction shell issue have you check manuel 2nd gear
  5. bp042665

    41TE Symptoms

    yes a clogged filter i have seen . can you check the CVI value's on this Theory of Operation: The volumes of the transmission fluid needed to apply the friction elements are continuously monitored and learned for adaptive controls. As the clutch friction material wears, the volume of...
  6. bp042665

    1999 Toyota Avalon w/Low Mileage Trans Slips When Cold

    Also try to add a bottle of lube gaurd platium
  7. bp042665

    A760F - dropped plastic nipplr

    ok it looks to be between the case and tranfer housing in this picture so you should be fine
  8. bp042665

    A760F - dropped plastic nipplr

    it could be ok but i cant say for sure but if it gets into any gear they will chew it up and filter should catch it before going through transmission
  9. bp042665

    700r4 speed sensor cable

    FYI transgo makes a kit to make the lock up come on with out any electrical hook up and as for speedo you can get a speedo gear conversion kit
  10. bp042665

    41TE Symptoms

    ok i have seen this a few times it could be the cooler bypass valve or a loose filter the cooler valve is behind the pump so it is hard to check but what i do is find the pressure line and try to blow air threw it a few times to clean out any trash its the line closes to the front of transmission
  11. bp042665

    6T40 Gen2 Troubleshooting

    this unit is very common on the wave plate in the 3-5 / Rev Drum and it can take out 456 clutch also so how is reverse under trottle does it shudder or slip ?
  12. bp042665

    P2810 Toyota 2014 RAV4

    Mikerizer im not saying it was a alternator i just stating if high voltage present it could cause this
  13. bp042665

    2012 chevy colorado Have a code P2764 on code reader something in transmission.

    ok internal wire harness come's with lock up solenoid also not hard to change out with aftermarket solenoid
  14. bp042665

    P2810 Toyota 2014 RAV4

    if alternator is putting out to much voltage them solenoid go hay wire have seen this on a highlander dove us nuts till we unplugged alternator and shifted fine
  15. bp042665

    Chrysler 62TE Questions

    yes they have updated the sealing ring's in the aftermarket kits not to sure if factory did but i havent seen much lately Mealticket
  16. bp042665

    2012 Lincoln Navigator - 6r80 - 235k miles - possible trans slip

    there is a special pan with holes in it to do a pressure check but with a scanner with live data you can read pressure
  17. bp042665

    2012 Lincoln Navigator - 6r80 - 235k miles - possible trans slip

    ok tow haul prove its not a miss fire on engine so it could be valve body related or internal issue coming
  18. bp042665

    2012 Lincoln Navigator - 6r80 - 235k miles - possible trans slip

    ok have you had fluid checked to make sure it's full also do you have a tow haul button if so try putting it in tow haul and see if problem goes away this unit on a ford dont have a dip stick for-say it has a plug on passenger side of transmission with the stub stick inside it i have seen this...
  19. bp042665

    New clutch no 5th or hard shift

    ok it sound's like we have air in the fluid still i use a vaccum bleeder at my shop but you might need to bleed it again if it still has a hang up it could be internal or you might take it to a shop and have them check it out