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    Ford Freestar Transmission Defect?

    We just lost the transmission on our 2004 Mercury Monterey MiniVan on Thursday (2/28/08). Under 39K guys, clean fluid, dealer changed fluid at 33K! No warning signs, wife calls stuck on shoulder of a highway cloverleaf with 1 year old baby in backseat- van will only rev, no gears drive...
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    repairing the rear window de-icer on a 2001 cavalier

    The repair is a copper based conductive paint and some clear tape with a line cut in the middle as a mask. But that usually fixes a few lines of the grid that get nicked. If the whole window doesn't work I'd be using the test method, one side is grounded to the body, one should have 12v+...
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    2004 Mercury Montery van 4.2L Check Traction Control with C1287 code

    Wow - that article from hxxp: www. brakeandfrontend. com was really informative. Thanks for the reply!
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    2004 Taurus DOHC 3.0 V6 Acceleration Stumble/Hesitation

    Had a 99 Taurus that would Hesitate or Stumble very badly once the engine warmed up, intermittently. I replaced the Idle Air Control ($50) It is on top of the engine, two bolts, one electrical connector. Looks like a "C" battery with a...
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    2004 Mercury Montery van 4.2L Check Traction Control with C1287 code

    Hello - on the Mercury van (2004, 4.2L AdvanceTrac), the Check Traction Control light went on twice in one day, then waited a week and came on again. This light/warning resets after the next engine start. Dealer pulled code C1287 (C1287 Booster Pedal Force switch circuit Failure?) and could...