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  1. paulo57509

    Butt connectors in house wiring

    I've never seen anyone suggest/attempt to use butt/crimp connectors on residential wiring. But I have seen people use wire nuts on automotive wiring.
  2. paulo57509

    Toyota A541E

    IMO, the reaction would be more of an affect to the friction material on the clutches and bands rather than just compatibility to the fluids themselves.
  3. paulo57509

    Toyota A541E

    You've no doubt have seen these already: Read the "Affected Vehicles" line carefully. This TSB applies to transmissions that...
  4. paulo57509

    AC Noise

    Just from the oily and attracted grime in the area around the port, I'd say there's some leakage going on.
  5. paulo57509

    Lookin for good way to remove caulking

    Permatex used to market a silicone gasket remover. IMO, it was just paint stripper in a spray can.
  6. paulo57509

    Lookin for good way to remove caulking

    It's worse than scraping gaskets. We assume you're talking about silicone caulk? I seen someone use a Ryobi multi-tool with a wide scraper blade attached to it. The blade was attached with the clearance angle facing the work surface. Found an example:
  7. paulo57509

    Dexcool Mix

    I would contact Prestone directly and ask them.
  8. paulo57509

    4L60E Servicing

    After I rebuilt my 4L60E a few years ago, I refilled with Dex-IV. GM no longer licenses Dex-III ATF and don't I care for the one-size fits-all type ATF's (just personal preference). You probably have some kind of Dex-III/Mercon/Max-Life mixture in there already; I'd be inclined to stick with...
  9. paulo57509

    Vibrating/Growl Noise when van AC turned on

    Compressor failure in GM cars will do the same thing. You're talking a lot of time, effort and money to remove components and properly flush the system.
  10. paulo57509

    Heater hose routing on new pulley system

    The water pump will work. The heater won't. You can install the fan switch in the cylinder head. There's a pipe plug between the cylinders 1-3 or 6-8 depending on what side of the engine you're looking at.
  11. paulo57509

    Heat Not Working

    I did a quick internet search and it appears that this is a chronic problem. Example:[child_nodes]=1&c[nodes][0]=78&o=relevance Seems like you've hit the common sense issues. But it might be worth finding a few Dodge-centric forums...
  12. paulo57509

    Exhaust Leak at flange 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

    There's a gasket between the flanges.
  13. paulo57509

    Code 1810 - top valve position switch circuit

    It appears GM used two different kinds of Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) manual valve position switches depending on the electrical connector. I don't know how you tell which one you need looking from the outside...
  14. paulo57509

    Broken A/C connection

    FWIW, AGS makes replacement ends and unions.
  15. paulo57509

    Exhaust Leak at flange 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

    NOW I see the crack in the converter pipe. I would think a muffler shop would be able to cut off the fractured portion and replace it with a new section pipe and flange. They'd be able to assess the best course of action.
  16. paulo57509

    Exhaust Leak at flange 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

    Looks like that's the converter-to-exhaust pipe flange? You need to assess if it's rust, gasket, or combination of both. I would take it to a muffler shop. The might be able to cut off the offending parts and weld in something more permanent than putty/patch.
  17. paulo57509

    4l60e electrical problem

    I'm not a transmission expert either but know enough to get into trouble. My approach would be to determine if it's an electrical or mechanical issue. 1. When selecting forward gear ranges (1-2-3 and OD) and the transmission acts like it's in neutral, does the transmission have reverse? 2...
  18. paulo57509

    2010 Tundra P0418

    Is there an SAI relay in the solenoid circuit? Your testing could have bypassed a faulty relay.
  19. paulo57509

    P0013 Code questions

    IMO solenoid failure occurs from one or all the above including heat and mechanical failure. Usually, one happens and the rest soon follow. Most of the GM electrical issues I've come across on my own vehicles is soldering issues at the board level. You shouldn't have to clear the DTC from...
  20. paulo57509

    Minor exhaust leak at exhaust manifold weld

    I'd try to get to a referee station and ask about the repair requirements. You might get a different answer.