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    2003 Volvo c70, I swapped the motors in this car because he blew up the motor, I think it blew up because it got to hot. New motor is in but the fans

    I replaced the temp sensor and fan relay but fans don't come on unless I disconnect the temp switch. The won't come on with air conditioner either.
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    Truck will not move in any gear.

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:chevy MODEL:suburban YEAR:2001 MILES:167,000 ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE....Rebuilt tranny acts like it popped out of gear.
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    s10 injector problem...again!

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:chevy MODEL:s10 YEAR:2002 MILES:120k ENGINE:v6 vortec DESCRIBE ISSUE....installed new pump 15mi later same prob. Pump pressurizes to intake but no fuel at return line side to tank. Any thoughts?
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    check voltage to injectors

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKEchevy: MODEL: s10 YEAR:2002 MILES: ENGINE:6 cyl DESCRIBE ISSUE.... won't start, have fuel to injectors, have spark. Need to know how to check voltage to injectors.
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    2007 chevy silverado 2500 allison trans locking up

    Its a 6.6 diesel with an Allison tranny. It will work fine half a day then when the check engine light comes on the Trans will lock in what ever gear its in when it displays the check engine light. Once the vehicle is cooled down it goes back to normal. Suggestions? And no the trans lines aren't...
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    Speed controlling vehicles

    I am a maintenance manager for a fleet of service vehicles and I am looking into methods of keeping the speeding under control. To many of the vehicles are going 80 plus on the freeway. Suggestions?
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    2012 chevy express 3500

    This is the second one of these trucks that go just over 50k and die. anybody else have this problem?
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    2002 Acura mdx

    My drivers door window regulator broke because window is stuck in the down position, got a new regulator and it is still stuck in down position, even with switch disconnected. I unplugged regulator for now. Does anybody know how to reprogram module to keep from exploding this regulator?
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    nissan altima 3.5

    Can someone tell me if the Nissan 3.5L motor is an interference motor?
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    1998 Jetta

    Anybody who has ever owned or worked on one of these knows how crappy the coils are on this car. I recently found a coil that works great! If you frequent junk yards be on the lookout for a coil off of a 1994 Jetta, the 93 is different and 95 and later are made rather poorly, when you find one...
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    2000 Malibu engine swap

    I want to know if a 2001 Malibu, (3100 motor) will work in a 2000 malibu. The reason I ask is because on the 2000 motor the EGR is taken from the head and the 2001 the EGR is taken from the manifold. Any thoughts?
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    1998 Jetta Wolf, 2.0L, no start

    I am working on a 98 Jetta, it showed a code for the TPS so I replaced it and after about a month of running fine it wont start. With a remote starting switch I checked spark, there is spark when first trying to start and when I let go of switch there is spark for a second. I am thinking...
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    1998 ford contour

    I have a 1998 ford contour with a 2. 0 motor. Trans seems to shift in and out of overdrive with loud clunk, even with overdrive off, ideas?
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    1998 ford contour trans

    while driving the trans seems to go in and out of overdrive with a loud clunk, any ideas or suggestions?
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    99 Windstar starting problem

    99 windstar will start and run but once you shut it off and try to restart it all that comes on is the airbag light on dash. It stays this way for aprox 24 hrs then it will start again. Ignition switch?