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    Hard and soft steering 2003 Lincoln Town Car

    Replaced upper and lower intermediate shafts. Power steering fluid clear and full. Still get hard-soft-hard-hard-soft-hard, etc. steering. Some times, you can hear the pump struggling when turning wheel, (sometimes), also sometimes steering is extremely sensitive (like lose control sensitive)...
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    Questions about Forscan

    Hi Interested in using Forscan with my iPhone, can somebody point me in the direction of what app to get and if it should be the free one or the one that costs money, as well as what adapted i would need to plug into my phone ? thank you much !
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    B2292 code 2005 mercury grand Marquis

    Hi Getting a B2292 code on a 2005 mercury grand Marquis gs. “restraint system safety belt pretensioner status” Air bag light flashing 3 times, then 4 times then stays on constantly. please advise thanks in advance
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    Exhaust Leak at flange 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

    Hi Any way to patch this up for a while? It’s past the catalytic converter but not too far away from it . Seems it rusted at the flange. aside from replacing the pipe or having it welded, is it possible to either cut out the flange and replace with a straight pipe section (but what would I...
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    PO 316 and PO305 codes 2003 Lincoln Town Car

    hello, started car this morning and noticed it was running rough. drove about a mile like that and then the service engine soon light started flashing. shut car off, went to store, came back and drove home...still running rough, service engine soon light now on steady. was running fine the...
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    2007 Chrysler Sebring PO455 Code

    hello, 2007 sebring (2.4 liter, 65,000 miles) has the check engine light on. it came on a few weeks ago for 2 days, car only stalled twice during that period and then on the 3rd day it went out. 3 weeks later it came back on, code is po455 "Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected Gross...
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    engine swap 99 gmc sonoma 4.3

    hello, have an opportunity to do a motor and transmission swap on a 1999 GMC Sonoma 2wd (4.3 liter) short bed pickup with a 2002 GMC sonoma 2wd (4.3 liter) extended cap pickup (this would be the donor vehicle) i know the 2002 doesn't have a egr valve, but the 1999 does. other than that what...
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    Coats 4040a hookup to compressor questions

    Hi all, Trying to hook up my coats 4040a to my compressor. Tire changer has the rubber air hose, with the quick disconnect. Hooked this up to my compressor , and saw the gauge on the left side of the tire machine go steadily into the red. Out of concern of an overfill condition, I...
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    2003 Lincoln Town Car Cooling Fan runs constantly while engine running

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Lincoln MODEL: Town Car Signature YEAR: 2003 MILES: 51,000 ENGINE: 4.6 liter DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Hi, Just picked up a 2003 Lincoln Town Car from the original owner. It is an unmolested, all original private owner Car. Problem is, at...
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    Pattern failure for Fire on 1990-2011 town cars???

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: MODEL: YEAR: MILES: ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Hi all, Been searching the copart and insurance auto auction websites for town cars. (Search is for 1990-2011) Been seeing quite a few of them which caught fire from under the hood. Some...
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    2003 Town Car easy entry seat doesn't work

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: 2003 MODEL: YEAR: Lincoln MILES: town car ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE.... The seat mechanism's gears are stripped on the easy entry/exit feature for the driver's seat. It no longer moves forward or backward, but all other seat positions work...
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    Keyless entry keypad not working 2000 town car

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. 2000 Lincoln : town car DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Keypad on exterior of driver's door don't work, never did since I owned it. Do not have key fob (clicker) either. Checked fuses 29 & 30 and they are good. Can any one provide me with a schematic or...
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    Traction and ABS lights on 2000 Lincoln town car

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:lincoln MODEL:town car YEAR:2000 MILES:61,258 ENGINE:4.6 DESCRIBE ISSUE....traction and abs lights on, pulled codes c1175 (left rear speed sensor circuit malfunction), c1233 (wheel speed L/F input signal missing), c1234 (wheel speed R/F...
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    2006 Impala abs and traction lights on when turning

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL:Impala LS YEAR:2006 MILES:57000 ENGINE:3.5 DESCRIBE ISSUE....abs and traction light intermittent only when backing out of the driveway while turning the wheel. Anyplace to look to pinpoint the problem? Thanks!
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    how to reset abs and traction light on 2001 grand marquis

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:mercury MODEL:grand marquis gs YEAR: 2001 MILES:19,000 ENGINE:4.6 DESCRIBE ISSUE....ABS and Traction control light on dash. no codes in computer, came on due to vehicle being on flatbed (driver spun the wheels when driving it up on the...
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    Squeaky Control Arms 2001 Grand Marquis

    Hi all, What would be the best type of grease to use stop the squeaking on the upper and lower control arms on a 2001 grand Marquis? Bushings are good, just squeaking with the onset of the cold weather. Thanks in advance
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    Check suspension light on after complete overhaul 1995 Town car

    Hello, Just replaced both air springs, compressor and solenoids on a 1995 town car. With brand new, top quality parts. System worked fine for 7 days. Now, check suspension light comes on immediately upon starting. Vehicle is not sagging or leaning. 30 amp green fuse is good, replaced compressor...
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    PO420 and PO405 on 2002 regal 3.8

    Hi all, Got PO420 and PO405 codes on a 2002 regal with the 3.8 and 106,000 miles. customer changed the egr valve twice in last two years to get the ck engine light to go off, and pass inspection, only to have it come back on two weeks later,each time. Replaced cat converter in 2006 due to it...
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    Air spring replacement on 1995 town car

    Hi there, Going to replacing the rear air springs ons 1995 town car, due to them being old and leaking air. Any recommendations on the best brand to use??? Should the dryer and level switch be replaced also? Compressor is loud, but still functions. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks