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    "Theft" light blinkig on '98 Ford F150

    Is there any way to bypass the "Theft" system? '98 Ford F150 cranks but no start. Owner has only one original key and seems to be damaged. Only a dealer can fix this?
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    01 Ford Windstar ABS Codes

    ABS codes from '01 Ford Windstar: c1185, c1198, c1194, c1254, c1246, c1250, c1242, c1244, c1210, and c1446 The owner almost had a heart attack...
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    Codes P0500 and P0320

    A '98 Jeep Wrangler of a client came with no speed reading with check engine light on. Scanned it and gave me codes P0500 and P0320. I taught a bad speed sensor for the first code, and the second code a consequence of the first fault. Am I correct? or, the P0320 code refers to other problem...
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    TDC reference marks on '01 Corolla

    Hello friends, Can someone help me to get the Diagrams for TDC reference marks on cam and crank sprockets for a '01 Corolla? My cousin got his broken car to my house tonight. Thanks in advance...
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    P0272 & P0275 Codes

    Hi, What does "Contribution/Balance Fault" means in the cylinder number indicated by the code? Thanks in advance...
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    Code 34 & 35 on '92 Regal

    Hi friends... Came from work yesterday night, and I noticed a hard down shift hit when braking, when the car is almost stopped at traffic lights. Check engine light came on. Scanned the car on morning having code 34 (MAP/MAF Low voltage). Checked the electrical plug, and vacuum hose at the map...