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    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee battery cable dissolved?

    I will take a good look tonight, before I order the $100 cable assembly and I will clean the battery good. Thanks
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    A.M.C. (Rambler) Generator Problems

    Don't know if this helps? I have a 61 T bird with generator, had some similar problems. Bought an NOS regulator, and rebuilt the generator on the car (new brushes etc.) - after I purchased a new GM single wire alternator (which I still have in the box). The correct regulator with the correct gap...
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    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee battery cable dissolved?

    My sons 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L positive battery cable just dissolved, nothing left. How difficult to replace the battery cable assembly? We can get the cable assy., the battery has green crud at the positive connection, replaced with temporary end, but need to replace the entire cable as...
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    98 Explorer Driveline noise

    Had a similar problem with a ford transmission few years back. Filter dropped due to not installing correctly, sucked air on startup, steep road etc. carnut
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    04 Chrysler Pacifica Oil Consumption

    Thanks, I kind of realized that, but don't like to admit it. At least it is certified used with extended engine warranty. I just need to keep the oil filled, and change every 3000 miles to keep the warranty in effect. Still ike my old 93 intrepid with 3.5 and no oil consumption, or my 61 ford...
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    04 Chrysler Pacifica Oil Consumption

    My wife's 04 Chrysler Pacifica 3.5L uses about 1 quart oil per 1000 miles, dealer claims normal, and must change oil every 3000 mi. This seems very abnormal for a car with 35,000 miles. No oil on pan, no blue smoke, engine looks quite clean without oily coating, actually like fresh engine wash...
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    94 cougar Xr7 front suspension

    Yup, lubed the calipers, Bendix pads, Raybestos rotors (made in Canada). Calipers have some play. Vibration is not terrible, but still there. The pulling into a curve is unnusual feeling as if switching from oversteer to understeer mid turn. Thanks carnut
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    94 cougar Xr7 front suspension

    I have a couple problems: on long right or left hand turns, feels like car changes from oversteer to understeer? which, but it begins to pull into the turn by itself - there does not appear to be play in rack. I also have brake vibration when at speed, if I pump not as bad, new rotors and pads...
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    Let's get this forum started..

    $.02 Started my first car, $25 from yard, 57 Dodge, only needed new engine, tires, torsion bar, rear differential, and lots of body work. $250 later had a great car, traded in on 64 Dodge SSA chassis, yeah aluminum hood and fenders, only 383 chrysler 2 barrel is best I could afford to power it -...