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    2004 Toyota Corolla S - Check engine light turns on when turning left, stored code P2716

    I've got a 2004 Toyota Corolla S that keeps throwing a check engine light and storing the code P2716. I know the code is for the pressue control solenoid however in my troubleshooting I've confirmed that the light and code are thrown only when making a left turn from a stop. I've flushed the...
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    2004 Chevrolet Malibu Classic intake filter housing

    Does anyone know the part number of the air intake filter housing? I was replacing the air filter and noticed that one of the sides of the top of the housing is cracked and would like to replace it. I don't think that regular parts stores like AutoZone and Oreilly's would carry the part, so I...
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    2003 Buick LeSabre Rotor Size Question

    I just replaced rotors on a friend's LeSabre, after the install completed successfully we went for a test drive and the car drove great and broke smoothly without any binding. When we came back from the drive we noticed that we got brake rotors for the 15 inch wheels instead of the 16 inch...
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    1999 Ford F-150 Crank but No Start

    I have a 1999 Ford F-150 that cranks the engine but will not start. I last drove the truck home from a 18 mile trip and the truck exhibited no problems, the next morning the truck wouldn't start. I tried listening for a fuel pump priming noise but heard nothing. I thought it might be the fuel...
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    1999 Mustang Caliper slide pin problem

    I'm working on the front brakes and I'm trying to put things back together, the issue I am encountering is trying to tighten the caliper slide pins. When I tighten them I can get one to tighten down and stop spinning while the other gets sort of tight but keeps on spinning. I've tried...
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    2004 Taurus 3.0 DOHC Starting Problem

    So the problem I'm having is starting, the car starts but most of the time when it starts some of my dash lights stay on like ABS and E-Brake. I've found that when that happens if I let the car idle for a while and the shut it off and restart it then the lights turn off or restart. The other...
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    1994 Ford Taurus SHO ATX No Reverse Lights

    I was working on my learning car last night and I noticed that my reverse lights don't come on when I put the car in reverse whether it's on or off. I figured it was probably just burned out bulbs since one of my brake lights is out also. I ran to the store picked up the correct reverse light...
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    Thank You BATAuto!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to publicly thank everyone at BATAuto for all the help they have given me and continue to give me. I'm learning a lot by just reading the posts. Also I want thank Tony who has made my first purchase with the BATAuto tool store an enjoyable one. He has answered every question I...
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    2001 Civic Code P1457

    2 days ago my brothers Civic threw a CEL. We got the codes scanned today and 2 codes were listed as "P1457 Manufacturer Controlled Auxiliary Emissions". What does that mean and what should I start checking to find the root of this problem? Thanks in advance, Enos
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    2004 Taurus ACC key position malfunction

    I just recently found out by playing around that my ACC position on my ignition does not turn on my accessories. I went ahead and replaced the ignition switch because of a suggestion from a friend. Needless to say that did not fix the problem, so I did a little bit of reading and found that...
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    2004 Taurus DOHC 3.0 V6 Acceleration Stumble/Hesitation

    I've got a 2004 Taurus DOHC 3.0 V6 that every once in a while would have problems accelerating. At first I thought this would have been just some dirty injectors so I just used some injector cleaner. The problem stopped for a little while but then came back stronger. Lately the car has had...
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    1997 Concorde 3.5 V6 engine cranks but won't fire

    I'm working on a friends 97 Concorde with a 3.5 V6 which cranks but won't start. When the key is turned you can hear the engine spinning and what sounds like 2 cylinders trying to fire but start. What are the things that I should check and how do I check them? Thanks for all your help in...