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    Other techs borrowing tools

    Well, if you ever consider moving to Zoo Jersey, let me know, Transman
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    In your neck of the woods, can you get your own actelyne and oxygen tanks filled

    Yes, in most states they would be liable if it was a tank's fault. They have to be approved and tested by DOT as they are pressure tanks. I think they have to look inside every year and hydro-tested every 5, at least scuba tanks have that requirement. If they pass the tests then the filling...
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    Removing stubborn wheel bearing

    SPray, SPRay, SPRAy, SPRAY PB blaster or it's equivalent, often & let it soak. Hammer carefully at the outer housing, try to get it to shift a little. Insert longer bolts then the ones that hold the bearing in and hammer (inside to outside). Once you get it to bust loose, sigh, it will move...
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    85 Chevy truck column shift

    It can be a problem to get tanks filled especially when you own them outright like we do. I guess it's who you know, a friend knows someone who knows someone and they fill 'em up for me every time. It can't hurt that I replaced all my hoses with him, about 500 feet of hose in one purchase. I...
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    95 Caprice 4L60E Tailshaft Bearing Thumping Noise?

    Thanks for the update and great work. You now know what a little pitting can do. It can be hard to explain to some customers why that little bit of roughness can make such a horrible noise! Transman
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    1999 neon speedo gear

    Although we are making "Assumptions" here, Which trans is in this neon? 3 speed or 4? If it's the 4 speed then there is NO speedo at all, the trans & speedo use an output sensor to gain speed info. If it's the 3 speed then the speedo is in the output housing and can be removed without removing...
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    85 Chevy truck column shift

    ROFL. Depends on how good you are at welding! Transman
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    '03 Town And Country No Speedometer

    You are correct Craig. If the odo is still working AND the trans is working fine then the cluster is busted (very common). Odds are that other problems will also develop soon as the cluster is a control center for other items also. Good Luck, Transman
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    Other techs borrowing tools

    The biggest problem with this type of person, since they DON'T buy any tools, they don't appreciate the investment AND they don't care if they lose your tools. "SAY NO TO DRUGS & BORROWING YOUR TOOLS". These are an investment into your future and should be treated as such. I worked (for a week)...
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    85 Chevy truck column shift

    I believe the worn part will be the "Shift Tube". You will see the part that is worn down but I agree that parts for this are getting scarce especially on a part that was very common to "wear-out" like this one. You might check Dorman's web site, they may make a replacement from the old days. I...
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    Caravan transmission service?

    You "MAY" wish to consider an updated solenoid pack (Dealer or Part-Rite). I certainly would consider a "flash". Both should be done if overhaul is required anyway AND no harm will be done. I would do the pan drop, just to see. At some point, this trans WILL need an overhaul. Time & miles WILL...
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    97 Mystique cd4e issues

    Yes, the case halves will have to split to replace the band, I was seeing (in my mind) on the wrong end of the train. Most of the mechanical problems with these units are the "Drums" & the pump so I am used to removing the pump assy and doing some work inside the car. The Valve body can also be...
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    95 Caprice 4L60E Tailshaft Bearing Thumping Noise?

    Great news on the axle bearing!! Backlash should be ok if no growling noise, differentials are sensitive to this BUT not subtle if unhappy, YOU WILL HEAR NOISE! LOL. I am "Assuming" the pinion bolt that you are referring to is the bolt that goes through the pin that holds the side gears...
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    Jasper transmission defective.

    I highly recommend annual servicing WITH pan drop & filter. At least every 6 months or so, check the vacuum modulator for fluid inside the vacuum line. AS LONG AS THE CABLE IS KEPT PROPERLY ADJUSTED AND NO MODULATOR PROBLEMS, this trans will give you a very healthy service life. I agree about...
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    3T40/TH125C skips second gear

    I believe the band is gone at this point and overhaul is necessary, you gave it a try but it's inside now. This may be a bit much for you. The removal of the trans is down, partial frame removal. The car will have to be supported high enough that the trans can come out after removal AND the...
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    4T80 flush or drain?

    It depends which solenoids you are after, The shift solenoids are attached to the lower valve body inside the bottom pan. The Lockup & pressure control solenoid is attached to the upper valve body and requires trans removal to get to. Transman
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    2002 GMC Envoy - slow 1st to 2nd shift.

    You may wish to consider a "Reflash" from the dealer, this will update the computer programming with ALL the updates since the vehicle was manufactured. What about the other maintenance? Tune up, etc? ANYTHING that effects power/performance from the engine WILL effect how the trans operates...
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    97 Mystique cd4e issues

    This is what separates the MAN scanners from the BOY scanners. No, there is no inexpensive scanner that will read trans data or codes except for the GM vehicles as they put their trans codes into the PCM. If you are comfortable with the A4LD trans then you should have no great difficulty with...
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    Caravan transmission service?

    There are several factors that need to be considered BEFORE you service a high mileage trans. Remember, this is a service. It won't fix anything. It's like waiting for an engine with a rod knock before you change the oil for the first time. It won't fix bad spark plugs. How is it working now...
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    99 Buick Century 3.1 L no start, bcm, security light stays on

    The BCM from another vehicle will NOT work in yours. They are programmed to the vehicle. There is a place in FLA. that one of my customers bought from that flashed to his vehicle before they sent it to him, he truly just plugged it in and it worked fine. He had to give the vin AND mileage and...