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    02 ferrari

    How do you shift this animal
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    1999 honda odyssey

    Can someone tell me if the Lock Up solonoid is external or internal ? 99 odyssey 3.5 automatic. Thanks
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    2003 durango oil pump

    o3 Durango, 4.7 automatic, 2wd. Is the oil pump in the oil pan or do you need to pull the crank ?
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    04 ford f150 a/c low side

    no walmart stuff here,top of the line gauge set. 2o yr mech/bodyman.line comming from the comp. to the evap has no low fitting ??? line goes directly into the heater core.
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    04 ford f150 a/c low side

    Can someone tell me were the low side is for recharging the a/c on a 2004 ford f150 ???
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    detroit series 60 oil pump priming

    Can someone tell me if you need to prime the oil pump on a detroit before starting after sitting for a long period of time, and if so, how do you do it.
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    04 bmw x5

    Thanks ;D
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    04 bmw x5

    can anyone tell me were the fuse box is located on this vehicle ??? ???
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    2001 f250 super duty intermittant abs light and speedo failure

    If you cant scan for an ABS code, ck the R/F speed sensor, the F250's are prone to the wire breaking on the R/F.The plug comes down from the back side of the splash shield, the breaks are somewere between the plug and the frame rail were the rubber mount on the wire connect to the frame rail.
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    power windows dodge caravan

    Ok, first, do you have power vents also ? Does the r/f window work from the drivers door. The door you replaced, is it a used door?, same yr modle ? must ck production dates on both the damaged door and the door you replaced it with. I do alot of work on caravans for the federal government,GSA...
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    Damn corroded shackles

    Yup, take to the shop, and continue on your course and have it towed.(sorry but it seems like you dont have much choice)
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    95 Lumina 4t60E noisy reverse

    I must agree with transman, the 4t60e is a tricky tranny.If not properly built, you will have problems sooner than you want.
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    2002 ford explorer

    multi codes, all related to sensors being 5.11 volts were they should be 4.6.Used a snop on solarus scanner. But i figured out what it was. Tha cat was getting plugged up and sending a code to the egr causing it to send out the high volt readings. Changed the cat, alls good.
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    2002 ford explorer

    02 ford explorer, 4.0 automatic. im getting several codes and all are related to high voltage.vehicle is a no start. All volt readings are 5.11 and should be 4.6, any ideas what this could be ??? ???
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    83 Nissan 240 Z Auto

    Im not showing a 240z for that yr, sure its not a 280 ?
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    a/c belt on a 2000 galant 4 cyl

    never mind, tension was frozen
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    2000 Mitsubishi Mirage gauges don't work

    The trim panel around the cluster should have clips.Try prying softly and see if it pops of.Then there should be 4 screws holding the cluster in. You may have to take the steering col. sleeve of depending if you have tilt or not. Most likely you will have to replace the cluster, never had any...
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    Seeking an Audi TSB

    which engine is it, 1.8 or 2.8
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    a/c belt on a 2000 galant 4 cyl

    How do you release the tensioner on this vehicle ?
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    93 4L80E hard shifts/no overdrive

    Sounds like a gov preasure sol, is there a shift kit on this unit ?