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  1. billj

    Back up camera blue screen when not in reverse

    I just installed a Pyle PLC7500 back up camera system in my E350 van. It is a hard wire system. The monitor is wired from the fuse box and only has power when the ignition is on. The camera is connected to the backup light. It works fine, but if the ignition is on, but the van is not in...
  2. billj

    How to get birthdate corrected in my profile

    Administrator: How to get birthdate corrected in my profile?
  3. billj

    2006 E350 Super Duty 5.4 liter Transmission Fluid

    I made a very stupid, rookie mistake. I am 68 years old and have worked on cars as a non-professional for over 50 years. Sunday I decided to change the transmission fluid and filter on my 2006 E350 Super Duty, my work van. I dropped the pan, changed the filter, cleaned the pan, put on the new...
  4. billj

    Unable to find correct AC clutch hub shims.

    I replaced the AC clutch hub with part number 6C2Z-19D786-A (correct part), after returning the clutch hub listed for my E350, part number 6F1Z-19D786-AA (wrong part). My AC compressor uses a 15mm headed bolt to hold the clutch hub on. I am trying to buy a clutch hub shim kit. The Listed shim...
  5. billj

    2006 Ford E350 Super Duty random fast idle after warm up

    After complete warm up and driving several miles, the fast idle will kick in when I am at a stop, in drive. RPMs will jump to about 1,400 for a few seconds and then slowly drop back down to 750 PRMs where it should be. I have to push the brake pedal down hard when this happens because the van...
  6. billj

    Adjustment screw heads

    I bought an aftermarket carburetor that has strange looking jet adjustment heads. The sides of the jets are smooth. Pac-Man tool will not grip the jet. See attachment please
  7. billj

    Vibrating/Growl Noise when van AC turned on

    2006, Ford, E-350 Super Duty Van, 5.4 liter, 187,000 miles. When AC is turned on, or set at on when starting, it makes a vibrating/growl noise for a few seconds, and may do it twice a few seconds apart. This happens only when engine is at starting RPM@ 1,200. If engine is allowed to idle down...
  8. billj

    removing sway bar bushing

    So, I am the one that posted the E350 Super Duty with a load rattle. I was trying to locate the rattle when I discovered the front "in arm" sway bar bushings were shot. I removed the bar, but the metal sleeves of the old bushings will not come out. I looked online and it shows the bushings...
  9. billj

    2006 Ford E350 Super Duty 5.4 liter 182,000 miles Loud Rattle mostly at slower speeds

    I posted this some time ago, but finally blamed it on the extension ladder on the roof racks. Extension ladder is gone only 8' and 10' step ladders with 4 ratchet straps per ladder and a couple bungee cords on each. The rattle sounds the same as it did before the ladder change. Every bolt is...
  10. billj

    No start when turning key. No crank. Intermittent problem

    No start when turning key. No crank. Intermittent problem. Battery replaced ( with larger 850 CCA). Terminals tight and clean Ignition Key needs to be turned to start 4+ times before any starter system response, no click. Happens maybe on one out six times starting truck.
  11. billj

    Any idea what this is? Ever see this

    Under hood. White paper back insulation. Several handfuls. Something from SUV. or sucked in?
  12. billj

    This goes back to an ongoing post, not a problem. adding dual batteries to an E350.

    I have dual batteries, after market installed In my 2006 e350 Ford Van. A BAT auto inspired project . I have included a schematic . Frame mount battery is activated when ignition is on only, and also charging both batteries. I have a volt gauge connected to the entire van electrical system. I...
  13. billj

    Confused about proper procedure to do compression test

    I plan on doing a compression test on my 2005 Escape 4cyl. I am very confused as to the proper procedure. I have read/watched videos that say to test the engine cold, another will say bring the engine up to operating temperature. One will say to remove one spark plug at a time for testing...
  14. billj

    Ford Escape Vacuum line is only connected one end

    I have a vacuum line that is connected on one end but not on the other. The end that is connected is under the air tube. I have included a few pictures to this post. I can not figure out where the top end of the hose connects. Help please!
  15. billj

    Air Pressure at oil filler cap

    There is air pressure blowing out of the oil filler when cap is removed and engine running. If cap is left off engine will stumble, when cap is put back on engine returns to normal idle. No oil bowing out. No noticeable engine problems driving. Oil is changed about every 2,500 miles (about 8...
  16. billj

    Self installed dash indicator light burns out often

    I installed a dual battery system, most of the ideas from this site. Van operates on a single battery when ignition is off and dual batteries when ignition is on. I installed a indicator light on the dash that lights when the dual battery system is activated. The problem is that the dash light...
  17. billj

    Factory radio turns up volume unassisted

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: E350 Super Duty YEAR: 2006 MILES: 172,000 ENGINE: 5.4 liter DESCRIBE ISSUE....Factory radio, no CD player, will increase volume by itself. Normally just a tick or so (volume 8 to 9 for example). But the other day I am driving...
  18. billj

    Changing thermostat and housing

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODEL:Escape YEAR:2005 MILES:109,.500 ENGINE:2.3 liter in line 4 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... I am trying to change the thermostat and housing (as a unit). By doing research it looks like the power steering pump has to be moved out of the way...
  19. billj

    Power Converter warning

    Perhaps someone at BAT could be of service about warning that an inexpensive Power Converter (ie 140 watt) may kill a portable drill battery charger, or other item because the Modified sine waveform produced vs Pure sine waveform. I understand the concept, but not the best one to go into a...
  20. billj

    Dual batteries in e350

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: E350 YEAR: 2006 MILES: 168,500 ENGINE: 5.4 liter DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Battery dies because of cargo lights. I kill a battery in about two years because I have seven LED cargo lights and a cab light that stay on for about 10...