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    2008 Tahoe LTZ Lift gate

    Just a quick question, Will my Autel MS 908 calibrate the lift gate? What is the procedure to calibrate the automatic liftgate? I'm working on 2008 Tahoe automatic lift gate. Some hack N split mechanic did a poor job on it now it's my turn. The bad. Motor assembly disassembled in left...
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    Visual inspection PRICELESS!!!

    A friend has a van, not worth mentioning the type Ford I think Has active lean code 0171, I think he has been battling it for months yes months I guess a few repair shops too They were charged for diagnostics and quoted several hundred dollars for a fix. I ask what have you done? He says, I...
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    speakers hum whistle

    radio has a hum whistle sound that changes pitch with throttle activation but sometimes it is not there at all. Might be an alternator noise but not sure what is causing the issue. I added a extra ground to engine block as a test but did not fix the issue. Engine has a slight miss but there are...
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    2017 ford escape clunk

    My son has a friend whom has a 2017 ford escape AWD and it has a clunk in the rear sounds like right rear (passenger) side. It happens mostly at slow speed when turning and I thought I saw the tire kind of jump when it happened as I watched her drive. Anybody hear of such a thing on a very much...
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    A/C compressor replacement

    Just looking for book time for A/C compressor replacement. I understand recovery and recharge and all that is involved with that.
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    labor time

    2009 kia sedona 185000 hello what is the labor time for transmission removal and replacement? Including any and all extras. Thank you
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    Launch or Autel?

    Been thinking about another scan tool. Launch x431 v and Autel MS908 are ones I've been reviewing because my Matco determinator ( otc genisys) stops at 2012 and I am not going to upgrade it. Any of you guys have experience with Launch or Autel? These are all in the 1K range for price and I'm...
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    2008 Tahoe park assist codes short to battery

    Just helping a friend. I have not looked at the car yet. Active codes in park assist B0958 B0959 B0960 B0961 parking aid rear sensor 1, 2 ,3 ,4 short to battery They replaced all 4 sensors codes came back They unplugged the module codes went inactive, then came back after clearing them. Trouble...
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    belt chirp,, 1997 ford E150 XLT club wagon 5.4 235K with rear A/C / heat

    Looking at a van that has a chirp with A/C on. While chirping if I turn the A/C off it stops immediately. Report has about everything possible has been replaced except the A/C compressor or clutch. I will be going out there next week to place another new belt on it, I guess they have warrantied...
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    2008 chevy Tahoe LTZ DRL diag

    Hello I'm looking for a DRL daytime running light diagram for a 2008 Tahoe
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    2014 dodge avenger tranmission leaks

    Any one have experience with dodge 3.6 leaking trans fluid? It appears to be from the top of the trans but I have not been out to verify. Possibly cooler lines???
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    2003 trailblazer vvt setup timing

    Helping a friend, with timing setup with variable valve timing. She has a 2003 trailblazer 4.2 engine and has it out of the vehicle, all new parts and head is rebuilt. Question is how exactly to set the vvt, at full advance? Alldata states when installing the cam sprockets and chain to set...
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    RH Front flasher inop

    I noticed the right front flasher light does not work, but on blinker it does work, the turn indicator in cluster does not work on flasher but does work on blinker. All other flashers work and all blinkers work. I replaced the bulb twice same results. Not sure where this is going to lead me so...
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    2002 trailblazer 4.2 engine swap

    I'm looking to get a replacement 4.2 engine for a 2002 Chevrolet trailblazer and need to know what years will be direct fit. I know some changes were made through the years and have all the original accessories to bolt on to the replacement engine. Current situation coolant is dropping but not...
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    key programming pin code

    I'm in need of the pin code for key programming for 2014 dodge avenger 1c3cdcg6en 166553
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    8hp brigs & Stratton generator starts but won't stay running

    Generac 4k generator, over 20 years old starts but will die unless I hold a hand by air filter to almost choke it I cleaned out carb and installed new spark plug and cleaned foam air filter plus new gas filter Oil level is correct so low oil shutdown is not the issue Any thoughts on what to...
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    2014 Dodge avenger 3.6 over heating intermittently

    Hello, as the title states 2014 dodge avenger over heats intermittently. The cooling fans do run Temperature on gauge reads hot but not pegged out. I will start with the basics and check coolant condition and change out the thermostat before going for the water pump. Has anyone had similar...
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    wipers do not work on high speed

    Hello, 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor 118000 miles 3.8 automatic it needed a water pump so I did the repair including timing belt and tensioner and all accessory belts plus valve cover gaskets and tube seals. I picked this car up a few weeks back and as I am going through it checking things out I...
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    A/C only works on MAX

    A friend has a 2011 ranger xlt 2.3 automatic that only blows cold air when on MAX A/C if he turns control to regular A/C is changes to warm air. Any thoughts?
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    random radio issue

    I have a random radio issue. aftermarket double din radio no sound when key is first turned on and if there is no sound we turn the key off and back on then sound works. This is a totally random thing we can start the car 10 times and no issue or it will happen first try just kinda weird. Radio...