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    2007 Saturn Ion Auto Transmission fill. 2.2L engine

    Due to an adventure with an ice/snow bank last year several parts in the front had to be replaced. One was the radiator. I'm stumped as far as finding the fill plug for the transmission. There's no dipstick on this auto trans. I see the drain plug and I've read elsewhere the fill plug should...
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    2000 Toyota Tundra brake line

    I'm replacing a brake line on the rear from the tee to the wheel cylinder. Can I use a metric fitting on 3/16 tubing and flare for 3/16"? It looks like the flares on the factory tubing and the 3/16 are different.
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    2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0, auto, 125,000 mi.

    Runs great at times for the most part. Other times cylinder one and six miss. Coil packs have been changed and swapped. New cam sensor and ECM. Any ideas????
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    Triax lubricants?

    I was looking for a 15W40 synthetic oil for use in a diesel and ran onto this. Anyone heard of it? I thought Delvac had a 15W40 but apparently not anymore.
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    Sachs or Valeo

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODELF700 YEAR:1994 MILES:10k ENGINE:Cummins 5.9 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... The two choices from online sources for a clutch are made by either Valeo or Sachs. Valeo is cheaper. Anyone have experience with either manufacturer?
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    F700 Clutch adjustment

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODEL:F700 YEAR:1994 MILES:108,000 ENGINE:Cummins 6BT DESCRIBE ISSUE.... The clutch on the truck engages with the pedal almost all the way out. There's no discernible slippage. Can the clutch be adjusted to engage closer to the floor?
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    Looking for DT466 info.

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: IH MODEL: 4700 YEAR: 2002 MILES: 365,000 ENGINE: DT466 I'm looking for a medium duty box truck preferably an IH with a DT466 or a Ford with a Cummins 6BT. I found an IH. The mileage wasn't listed. When I called, the salesman said it had...
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    IH/Ford diesel swap.

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Donor: 1987 Ford (E350) 6.9L auto Recipient: 1997 Ford (F350) 7.3 power stroke auto. How difficult a sway would this be from a wiring point of view. Obviously the harnesses would be different. Is there an ECM on the 97 that would cause...
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    1983 Chevy fuel issue

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Chevy MODEL:C10 YEAR:1983 w/ 1978 engine MILES:100K+ ENGINE:350/auto DESCRIBE ISSUE....Most times the truck runs fun. Has gone almost a month w/o problem. When problem occurs it loses power, sometime dying while on the road. This never...
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    1996 S10 pickup

    4.3, auto, 2wd. This is a friend's truck. Fuel pump replaced previously. Garage says fuel pressure is good. Occasionally will not start even with repeated tries. No codes. Currently starting. Anyway to try something to create the situation for the no start?
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    1997 Chevy Blazer 4.3

    This is the 4wd version. Ignition shuts off. Restarts with key immediately. Have had it shut down while driving and immediately restart. No codes. Airbag light comes on.
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    1987 Chevy R10 pickup, 4.3 TBI, manual

    Doesn't start. Engine doesn't fire at all even with starting fluid. Cranks fine. Battery charge is at 13V+. Pump runs. Replaced earlier this summer: plugs, wires, distributor. New coil. Previous issue is here: Truck is back to its trick of...
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    1987 Chevy poor idle.

    1987 Chevy R10 pickup 4. 3 TBI manual. The truck seems to run OK at higher speeds. Doesn't idle well. Starting out in first the truck sometimes bucks. No check engine light is lit. No codes set. Seems like it has no power until high RPM. Sometimes dies when slowing down for stopped or...
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    76 GMC truck with an allison transmission and a 366 CID engine

    Can anyone tell me which transmission fluid should be used?
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    1988 Mercedes engine flooding

    The car is a 190E with the 2.6L gasoline engine. What should I be checking? Thanks, Darren
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    Looking for advice on buying an SUV

    Hi all! Girl friend is looking at used Jeep Libertys. A friend works for a large auction and says Chrysler quality has really gone downhill in the past few years. Libertys aren't holding their value. He suggested a Subaru Forester. Four wheel drive and clearance is a must. It's used every...