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    WiTech Support Please

    We are currently an independent shop that lost its Chrysler franchise back in 09. We are now interested in getting the WiTech up and running again. Not sure what the software level is right now. Do I need to erase the software from 09? Could it be updated from that level? Do You have to...
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    98 Concorde inter. No start

    We have in the shop a 98 Chrysler Concorde 3.2l vehicle was towed in for a no start late in the day, next morning it fired right off the first 6 times until it wouldn't start after sitting a few hours. No faults with good fuel psi and quality. Cam and crank sensors not present on scanner, I...
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    02 Ram P0442

    we have in the shop and 02 dodge ram 5.9L. p0442 evap medium leak fault set, leak checked evap system with Chrysler eeld no leaks present with smoke. Leak checked with the 5psi air, flow ball dropped to bottom indicating no flow/leaks. Replaced leak detection pump, 100 miles later the same...
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    headlight assembly

    The aftermarket world is offering a clear or a black bezel in the headlight assembly for a 01 dodge neon. The black is a Little more affordable than the stock clear, is there any change in visibility with the black one? Thanks Will
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    99 ram v-10 misfire

    1999 Dodge Ram V-10, vehicle came to our shop missing badly. Check plugs and wires, plugs excessively worn with five of them carbon traced. Replaced plugs and wires engine is misfiring on cylinder 7 only when a load is applied. Compression is 160psi, injector ohm is 13.9, ignition coil tests...
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    2008 dodge avenger p2173

    ??? We have in the shop an 08 avenger with a 2.4L R engine, vehicle went into limp home mode on the customer with the only fault code p2173-High airflow/vacuum leak detected (slow accumulation). Sprayed entire intake manifold with carb and choke cleaner, no leaks; check brake booster as per...
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    08 crysler pacifica 4.0L ETB issues

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post. We had a 2008 Chrysler pacifica come in the shop with the throttle body light illuminating at times. Fault codes active after a short drive are p2135 tps 1/2 correlation, p0221 tps 2 circuit performance, and stored p0223. All three codes were...
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    01 Olds Aurora vibration

    We are working on a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L V-6, 207,000 miles, tranny was rebuilt 30,000 miles ago, new Michellin tires 12,000 miles age, no modifications, all maintenance and work has been done at our shop for the last 8 years (except tranny r&r and rebuild). While accelerating to highway...
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    2000 s-10

    we have a 2000 chevy s-10 in the shop. Last winter was a complaint of hvac blowing only from the vents, I replaced the fransfer case switch and drained out about 4 qt OVER the fill plug of the tansfer case and added a few quarts to the transmission. After so the hvac work more like it should...
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    2008 magnum headslights flicker

    we have and 08 dodge magnum 3.5 in our shop. Intermittently the customer states the headlights flicker while driving down the road, on one occasion the headlight completely shut-off he pulled over shut down and restarted the vehicle to find them working fine. No fault codes in system, battery...
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    hydrometer test

    When performing a battery hydrometer test, if the fourth disc SLOWLY floats to the top would that cell be considered 100% charged? Thexton p.n. 117 hydrometer Thanks Will
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    polaris fuji engine

    Has anyone ever had a problem from not priming the oil pump after dropping the oil from the crankcase and the oil tank on a Polaris 400 or 500 ranger engine? Appreciate your response in advance.
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    95 Explorer (G.E.M.)

    Does anyone know when replacing the gem module on a 95 ford explorer if the v.i.n. needs to be validated to the module, or module configured to bus? Or is it just a r&r procedure? Thanks in advance Will
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    92 c+k 1500 brake pulsation

    I own a 92 half ton Chevy pickup, 2wd, 4.3l that my dad left behind. Durring his ownership it developed a very pronounced brake pulsation. So he had me replace front pads, rotors, calipers, rubber hoses, and repack wheel bearings. Things went ok for about 5000 miles and pulsation is back just...
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    95 Ford Explorer 4x4

    95 Ford Explorer 4.0l. Four wheel drive inoperative, dash light doesn't illuminate and I don't have any voltage readings at connector at motor on transfercase. Also unusual but probably irrelevant, power window don't work, and wipers will only work when you push the power door lock button...
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    89 old calais 2.5

    89 old Calais 2.5 4cyl. No spark cond. Was told by a gm tech that as long as you have power and ground at the ignition module it should run. Meaning I did I went ahead and replaced module and crank sensor. Still no spark, haven't hooked to scanner yet since, wondering if there is something...
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    98 RAM rear main

    Just replaced the two piece rear main seal on a 98 ram pickup 5.9l. Did everything in accordance to Chrysler manual, test drove and is still unfortunately leaking. Is it possible to offset seal some so the two don't meet at cap joint? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.