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    I am going to call this one a shot in the dark

    Ok, here goes, first off, this is for a coworker a very cool friend. song to follow thread.
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    Happy holidays

    To one in all, I wanted to take the time to wish you all tidings and cheer from quebec canada. So in keeping in stride with my usual dumb self, here is a jolly Christmas song. Or 2.
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    having issue with life in general.

    If life was a car, my life would be way easier. situ, my GF just got suspended from a apprenticeship program if you will. She is apprenticing to become a old person care worker. It is a gov subsidy prog, A hole at work slash apprenticeship thing got on her, told her she aint good for shyte...
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    SGW courses soon.

    What should I look for. I had an issue where I had to communicate with a jeep 2018ish, my scanner hit a wall, had to order a new cable, and three others for the others ones at the shop. I am pissed off at dailmer chrysler for this new caveat in the on going debate of free to fix cars act...
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    ph boy

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    vehicle safety and hoisting cars without dying

    We had a pretty big accident at work this week. A co worker was doing some front end work on a ford raptor type f150. On coffee break, we all hear a huge crunch and bang sound, Julie, the parts and shipping girl ran for front of shop, I ran to lift, first thing on my mind, is daniel under...
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    knowing when to quit the money pit a car can become

    Hi guys and girls. I am a bit early today. Had a huge work eek and nodded off early, so hence, up really early and wanted to share an experience I had a work this week that touched me greatly, but at the same time made me real sad. So here goes. A 2006 caddilac CTS RWD with a 3.6l comes in...
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    2000ish ford f 150 trailer brake control module, heads up.

    Ok guys, ran into a very specific problem on this one that ended up with me doing a wrong diagnosis. This was another can bus mystery. First off, truck came in, complaint was electric brake inop for trailer. Ok, this should be easy enough. Nope. First thing I do, get diagram, study wiring...
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    hello all

    Just came in here to wish to you all the best new year you want. Joy and happiness in times of hardship. I wish for all of you to find what you need, but mostly, thx all for just being you. Sincerely, Have a good one ;)
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    dealing ppl in a pandemic and how to stay postif in your mind.

    Hi all In these times, seeing family members and friends are real hard to accomplish, and harder to do in a good fashion that helps others not catch this virus. I am probably going to sound needy in the next few lines, but I assure you all, I am fine. My fridge is full, my gf fridge is full...
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    this is going to be a doozy part 2

    Client complaint is as read here. I just bought the car. Front brake suck, and door locks dont work.
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    Oh, this is going to be a doozy

    Apparently I have this car for a whole week. So this is a cool thread to start some brain storming. Initial complaint on work order translates like this. No start, have to tries many times, eventually it starts. Needs oil change, and check link kit in front, Hand written, check slow leak...
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    battery goes flat bmw x1

    Battery goes flat. History on car is pretty much my co workers gf wanted this bmw tit jumping style. Knowing my buddy max, she can jump all she wants, he is saying you wanted it, now deal with it. Now she has brought it to me. Oh boy. So, I check all essential, battery is a new agm, starter...
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    Trying new tool company, wanted to know if any of you guys use em.

    I have been very dissatisfied lately with mac and snap and have just stop buying from them. I even refuse to take their flyers. So I bought some tools on line today. Things that I would normally buy off the truck. The company is called tekton, located in grand rapids I think. Do any of you...
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    need advice again, this time is on what car should I buy?

    Hello guys, me again asking advice. I am in the market for a newish car. I was looking at a 2009 bmw 323i at a price point I could handle on finance, but bank didnt want to finance on a 2009, but would finance on a 2016 bmw 328xi, Problem is, I wanted the inline six, not the 4 banger turbo...
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    bad snap on truck review

    Ok guys, since I got some good positive info on my last review of the mini ductor, I want to talk about the tool truck van scam. In my opinion, snap on is screwing its own self by not providing customer service like before. Way before the tool truck scam was already dying because they cant...
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    I am going to post this here cuz I just love this tool. And as a disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with this company. I make no profit by posting this here. So, I have to say, this tool is now mine cuz I love it so much. Since I am not a professional writer and lack in english skills...
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    Try to help ppl.
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    Oops, my uncle did it again.

    Oh, funny and not so funny story that happened thursday. My uncle was mowing lawn. It was 30+c outside, he left a few lumps of grass here and there, he is old and not so in good health to be mowing lawn in that temps, but I digress. End of deal, spontaneous combustion, total tally of fire is...