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    Installed CV axle seal (into transmission) approximately 1mm too deep. A problem?

    On a Kia forte 2018, automatic. Seal is supposed to be flush not with the outside of the case, but with the chamfered edge just beyond that. I went about 1mm beyond the chamfered edge. ATP transmission assembly lube was used generously on the inside and outside diameter of the seal. This is...
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    Inline transmission filter after rebuild - how important?

    Kia Forte 2018 - 2.0 L Sedan Automatic. I recently replaced my transmission with a manufacturer rebuild/remanned (direct from Kia). Job went fine mechanically, but I have yet to program it with my Autel and fire it up. Want to make sure I have this right first. This is my first...
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    Replacing a Kia Forte 2018 transmission. Align bell housing with dial indicator before install?

    This is my first time installing a FWD transmission. This is a car with very low mileage, hoping to make this tranny install last as long as possible. The car regrettably only has 10,000 miles on it. The rest of the vehicle is in stellar condition. Wrong fluid was put into the original...