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  1. Reinier

    Facts about Brake Rotors You Should Know

    Has it ever happened to you that a shudder or vibration becomes evident when you apply the brakes soon after a brake rotor replacement? Have you ever returned the rotors to the supplier and did they replace them as defective, since it turned out the rotors were both warped? If you can answer...
  2. Reinier

    Facts about Spark Plugs You Should Know

    Since all gasoline engines use spark plugs of one type or another, one would think that all of the information about spark plugs found on the internet today would be accurate. However, while some information is accurate and useable, there is at least an equal amount of information that is not...
  3. Reinier

    What Trouble Code P0171 Means for Ford F150 Models

    While DTC code P0171 and its closely related cousin, P0174, are two of the most common codes to afflict Ford F150 models, almost all Ford models are equally likely to suffer the effects of these codes at some point, and particularly Ford applications that have done more than about 60 000 miles...
  4. Reinier

    10 Most Common Car Problems

    10 Most Common Car Problems “What are the most common car problems you deal with in your repair shop on a daily basis?” is probably the most frequently asked question I encounter almost daily. While there is no simple answer to this question because different types of vehicles develop different...