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  1. bp042665

    Automatic Transmission issue on Vauxhall (Opel) Astra K 1.6 CDTi

    if not electrical issue then maybe a stuck valve in valve body or harden seal's
  2. bp042665

    Gmc nonstart

    i have done a fuel pump where the push rod will drop and new pump wont pump fuel to carb
  3. bp042665

    30 spline T/C

    you can get any reliable transmission shop to change out the input shaft or drum to get it right i havent seen a 30 spline converter for the 2.2L motor
  4. bp042665

    2007 F150 5.4 burnt reverse band

    as for different snap ring you can get them through any transmission shop or have them order them through there parts supplier i use what ever it take transmission parts or transtar the clutch clerance should be the same 3 or 4 clutches drum as for what burned up the band check the servo for...
  5. bp042665

    Hi...5 Speed noises issue

    it could be a gear noise which is common also a bearing noise
  6. bp042665

    2001 Chevy Blazer 4.3 auto 4wd

    if its leaking fluid into transfer case you need to replace the input seal in the transfer case
  7. bp042665

    1993 Dodge Caravan C/V Transmission problems

    yes gov or the throttle valve is stuck
  8. bp042665

    Help needed! Can you identify this transmission part? 2008 Chevy HHR (4t45-E transmisson)

    Bill Is Right looks like the seal spring you can put a new seal in but put grease on the back side in the spring cavity to help keep it from popping out when installing it
  9. bp042665

    Did the pressure plate die?

    sound's like it's a clutch problem
  10. bp042665

    4L60e free-wheels when slowing below O.D./3rd shift point

    i did forget that when you let off of the trottle the converter will unlock but you are on the right track
  11. bp042665

    4L60e free-wheels when slowing below O.D./3rd shift point

    ok sound's like the 4/3 down shift valve could be the problem try to drive it into o/d to 50 mph and do a full throttle down shift and then come to stop and do it about 4 more time's and see if that help's
  12. bp042665

    2016 F150 Trans Cap

    your welcome mahplane thats what we are here for is to help
  13. bp042665

    2016 F150 Trans Cap

    what you will need to do is go get a tap and rethread the hole . that is just to cover dip stick does nothing for pressure cuz it has a vent cap also if you cant get it to thread you might be able to find a rubber plug to fit not to sure
  14. bp042665

    Can't get rid of harsh 1-2 shift in 4l60e

    well Dave sound's like you have a Valve in valve body sticking i would put 1 bottle of the lube gaurd in it
  15. bp042665

    Can't get rid of harsh 1-2 shift in 4l60e

    ok the pwm came into effect late 96 early 97 as for the max life it is fine in this 94 trans if they build it like i do the are using raybestos or borg warner clutches and they like dex IV or dex III we need to see what the pcs amp is to make sure it is working right
  16. bp042665

    Can't get rid of harsh 1-2 shift in 4l60e

    ok just had a Tahoe with a harsh 1-2 shift under live data the epc solenoid was 0.00 found breack in wire fixed it never had a code of it either
  17. bp042665

    Can't get rid of harsh 1-2 shift in 4l60e

    ok what you could do is take the 700 R4 1/2 Accumilator and replace it with the 4 L60 E put the servo in the bottom of the housing and use the blue spring that will help have seen this before with the corvette servo being used the early 4L60E use a 700 R4 Assembly the double spring system didnt...
  18. bp042665

    Vehicle is lugging

    ok have seen this only a few time but if you have a good scanner you can go and turn off lock up out of 5 2 where converter issue's and 3 was the wave plate in the drum cracked but with it only acting up on a incline i would suspect converter
  19. bp042665

    700R4 converter engaging when braking. Can cashapp you some $ for answers

    most 700R4 have a computer that read the brake pedal to engage and dis engage what year 700R4 did you use in this
  20. bp042665

    Mazda bt50 4x4 manual 2008 diesel 220000ks cant get a gear

    it could be a bad pilot bearing even though its new i would have the shop recheck the problem