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    Recognize these rides?

    Not quite the same, but it resembles a Peel Trident Peel Trident
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    Will start but have to open throttle to keep running 1990 3.8 buick

    What does a new one look like?
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    Evap testing

    Have a 2014 Kia Forte that has the P0442 (small EVAP leak). Replaced both the purge and canister solenoids. Want to find a way to activate the EVAP test via the OBD II port without purchasing a really expensive bidirectional scanner. Does anyone know of a scanner less than $150 that will...
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    Hard and soft steering 2003 Lincoln Town Car

    Possible slipping belt...
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    Remove electrical connector from brake light switch

    About 50 secs in on this video.
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    Headlight lens restorer

    Highly recommend this product. Don't rush through the sandpapering. The more time you put in with the coarser paper will greatly enhance the outcome. I took the headlight off the car to restore it...
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    No brake lights 2006 Elantra

    Fixed. Replaced switch, now works all the time. Thanks again.
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    No brake lights 2006 Elantra

    Thanks. Just ordered the new switch. Hopefully, it will last another 14 years.
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    No brake lights 2006 Elantra

    NickD, Are you suggesting changing the 1157 bulbs to LED and change out switch? Thanks, Bob
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    No brake lights 2006 Elantra

    Thanks, guys for the information. The first thing I checked was the fuse which was good. Pulled a rear lens and check for power at the bulb with the brake pedal engaged. No power. Assumed the brake switch was bad. Removed the switch and check continuity between two pins. Had continuity and...
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    No brake lights 2006 Elantra

    Noticed no brake lights from both the left, right, and 3rd light. Assuming it either a fuse or the brake light switch. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for this vehicle? Does anything else run on the same fuse? Hoping it is a simple fuse, but looks like the brake switch is not that bad to...
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    cruise control

    Assuming the auto transmission is going from 6th to 5th gear. At speed this causes the RPMs to increase, creating engine braking. The system is designed to do this. The idea of cruise control is to keep the car at a specific MPH even if you are going downhill. If you don't want that to...
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    cruise control

    Since the cruise control is on, the Santa Fe is using engine braking to maintain speed.
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    Unleaded vs E85 break even point--cost/efficiency

    As Bill states, it depends on a lot of different factors. Here is a calculator that determines what the break-even point is under general conditions. Depending on the vehicle, the break-even point will change.
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    Unleaded vs E85 break even point--cost/efficiency Price per mile is better with regular gas.
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    A/C not cooling at all.

    Yes, I still believe you are low on refrigerant. Low side pressure switch is cutting off the compressor until it the pressure goes up. Since I suggest reclaiming refrigerant, you could open the system and examine the orifice tube. If clean, button it back up and evacuate and charge the...
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    A/C not cooling at all.

    You seem to be undercharged. I would recommend that you reclaim the R134a and vacuum down the system. If the vacuum holds, charge the system with the correct amount stated on the sticker. Good luck.
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    A/C not cooling at all.

    Pressures should be roughly the same when not running after 2 hours. Are you sure that the high gauge was reading correctly? Look like it might have not been depressing the schrader valve on the port.
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    84 Monte Carlo stalled and would not restart.

    Fuel filter?