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    Keep seeing this when wanting to read what someone wrote.

    Agreed. Same hesitance but the app works well. Welcome to BAT Auto. You'll find a very good group of people here.
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    Keep seeing this when wanting to read what someone wrote.

    OK. Posting from Tapatalk. Fixed Sent from my SM-A125U using Tapatalk
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    Keep seeing this when wanting to read what someone wrote.

    Maybe a Tapatalk issue.
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    hello all

    Good luck and happy 2021!
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    Is covid-19 (coronavirus) affecting your life?

    Good to hear you are getting better. I have a friend who is on the Zaandam. He has the virus also and is getting over it. Stuck in an inside cabin. Sucks because nobody will let the boat dock and it is coming all the way from Chile now to the USA to dock. Local officials don't want their...
  6. jordanr

    What are the most common EV codes?

    Ok. Will work on a safety post to sticky... Going to be interesting how DIY evolves related to EVs. Will the high voltage scare people off? Or maybe the excitement will bring in new and different people...going to shake things up I think and we are getting closer to mass adoption.
  7. jordanr

    What are the most common EV codes?

    OBD2 codes were most commonly misfires (P030X) or rich / lean conditions or catalytic converter issues. None of these will apply to EVs. What will the most common issues and codes be?
  8. jordanr

    Scanning for Chevy Bolt codes or live-data

    So if it is OBD2 still, then are the common codes now all like UXXXX? Are PXXXX codes going to become uncommon? Do you think if manufacturers are going to keep with OBD2 that the stardard will have to change / be expanded on? And if so how?
  9. jordanr

    New Electric Vehicle Forum

    What are the common EV's you are seeing / working on Anik? More and more Teslas around where I am in Florida.
  10. jordanr

    New Electric Vehicle Forum

    Hi everyone. To keep up with the times, we are opening an EV forum. Please help us get this forum started. Posts about hybrid vehicles also are welcome. Also home charging equipment topics. Who has an electric vehicle or is wrenching on them? Hate or love electric vehicles? Advise on...
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    They Supply the Garage, You Bring the Elbow Grease

    Anyone seeing places like this open? Sounds like a good idea...DIY make a comeback? LIVONIA, Mich. — A few months after Dayna Freeland bought her 2008 Ford F-150 last year, she discovered the frame was so badly rusted that it was in danger of breaking apart. Rather than storm into the used-car...
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    Comment on P0700 – Transmission control system -malfunction by carlos bazan

    Carlos: Can you describe the problem you are having with your Jeep Commander?
  13. jordanr

    Comment on P1523 by Oleg

    @oleg Please describe the issue with your Geely.
  14. jordanr

    2012 Mini Cooper S R56 Check Engine P0172

    Hello everyone, I have a 2012 Mini Cooper S R56 that currently has the check engine light on with code P0172 (showing as permanent). So far I have had the high pressure fuel pump replaced, the air intake box, the thermostat/thermostat housing, valve cover gasket (due to leakage during a smoke...
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    2005 Cadillac SRX (Reposted from

    I am trying to lure OP's over here when we get better quality questions on TC. Emailing them now.
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    2005 Cadillac SRX (Reposted from

    Hey guys I have a 2005 Cadillac SRX AWD V8 with 3 misfire codes registering with obd2 P0301, P0302, and P0308. Is there any chance with this many codes registering misfire and a reading that shows 11 problems and a second obd that registered 16 problems, that maybe the firing order has been...
  17. jordanr

    Audew Jump Starter

    Second in a 3 part series of reviews of products given for free to the editorial side of BAT Auto. Last night I was driving home from work at about 6 PM. I work on boats in Florida and was leaving the last boat. I hadn't been feeling well all day, so I had been drinking a lot of water to try...
  18. jordanr

    Audew 12V Digital Tire Inflator Review

    So they say the heavy duty air pump doesn't ship to Canada at the moment...