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    Gauge cluster erratic

    a memory was refreshed when I saw the speedo acting weird and not zeroing.... A alternator diode issue had caused erratic speedo - I just felt compelled to add that...... so easy to check.
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    Running rough at idle and worse when pressing gas and smells of gas

    p0455 the code is for inability to achieve a vacuum on system. Could be many items. Did you have this code BEFORE replacing spark plugs? NO - then you might want to look at vacuum lines on engine - the purge is shown attachment; YES it was there before spark plugs - a smoke test is...
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    P1698 No CCD Bus Messages Received, Instr Cluster Not Functioning '98 Chrysler Minivan

    this pins it down a little - P1698 (3.3L V6 VIN R Auto) No CCD Messages Received From The TCM Have you checked the TCM to PCM SCI circuit?
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    P1698 No CCD Bus Messages Received, Instr Cluster Not Functioning '98 Chrysler Minivan

    A quick look to assist you I was asked what is the 8th charactor of the VIN - engine trans. G or R etc. As for EVAP codes - ECT as well fuel level may be a precondition As for the p1695 you are aware NOT all codes will command CEL on? Chrysler has a hail mary for BCM issues, . 1) remove...
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    2008 chevy Tahoe LTZ DRL diag

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    2008 chevy Tahoe LTZ DRL diag

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    2000 honda accord V6 code p0780

    I gotta ask - will your scanner see ALL codes?
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    2000 honda accord V6 code p0780

    hondas - No my yob. Hope it helps - Trouble Code Conditions: Engine running and the PCM detected an Automatic Transaxle fault. Note: This trouble code (P0780) sets with along with several TCM related trouble codes. So any other codes?
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    Spark plugs& wires

    PLugs GM (12681664) Wires GM (89017320)
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    don't look right

    ok first diagram is just a reference - showing the area circled in the second diagram. And yes I own jeeps, so easy to work on - ok the new owner fiat will put an end to that its a jeep - heated seats, steering wheels, really on a jeep.... IDK.
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    don't look right

    got this in a PM/email TRANS 2006 JEEP 545RFE. WHAT IS THE 'SHEET METAL' hanging there ? Part of removed valve body ? something We need to remove ie a shim? something from clutch, drum above?
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    Hard start on 2004 Buick Park Ave

    2 days, 14 posts, 2 academic debates or rants, the fuel pressure cannot be checked (Skill level?) - I'm thinking its time for the poster to seek a professional to assist them..
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    1999 mustang GT ABS relay

    any help?
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    1999 mustang GT ABS relay

    quick look I did not see a ABS relay. could you tell more info -chasing a code? JUst ABS no traction control? Is this a SVG mustang -
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    ac leak

    you were in our thoughts and prayers. Glad you got it - after a few compressors You get worried..
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    P0135 Chevy 2004 Z71 5.3L

    this is B1S1 - check wiring first,
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    fault code 0833 - clutch pedal sensor/switch

    first the code is P0833 those alpha characters are needed. The code is DTC P0833 Clutch Pedal Switch 2 Circuit, and the key word is CIRCUIT. After Checking your wiring diagram - Did you check fuse? confirm 12v at switch ? Check wire continuity switch to PCM? Next a 6.0L...
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    89 GMC 3500 TBI flooding

    remove the air cleaner - inspect the injector harness as it passes under the airfilter-prone to wires grounding out. Next with filter assembly removed - turn key to RUN engine off - are the injectors spraying?
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    2004 nissan xterra,3.3,runs fine until I get it on the freeway and it loses throttle response

    Was reading post to learn esp being a xterra - BUT did I miss something, did you check for codes - current and PENDING ?
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    2008 Chevy Malibu "incurable" brake vibration

    As always when the gang here searches the collective brain cells and no consensuses I look at TSB;s - getting real detailed (anal) did you check the rotor lateral runout - seeing the spec had me say wtf thats a tight tolerance .002.