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  1. bp042665

    Van won't move

    ok like bill said jack up 1 wheel and see if it turns also check fluid hight before starting and after it should go from over full not running and in the ok mark once it is started and running if not suspect a converter to pump problem
  2. bp042665

    No bus code on 1999 dodge ram 1500 5.2 2 wheel drive

    ok lets start off with this no bus problem this should have a fuse for transmission 10 A position 1 also a relay if the relay dont power up you can have bus and can line codes so lets start there
  3. bp042665

    6F35 high erratic line pressure

    yes i did miss the video crap monitor i am using but a pump might have a issue on the mating surface or a pressure reg vale problem and yes the relearn happens every 20 ignition cycle
  4. bp042665

    6F35 high erratic line pressure

    true bill but it has to have the shift adpative cleared out and do a relearn to see if it is the pump or other cross leak
  5. bp042665

    6F35 high erratic line pressure

    ok first off did you do a reprogram so it will relearn all the value's if not i would start there i always do a reprogram after all rebuilds on this also you always have to do a relearn the shifter position after a rebuild also
  6. bp042665

    2007 F150 4X4 Low and Fluctuation of Pressures 4R75W

    if the forward piston seal's got nicked or wasn't replaced that could be where the problem is coming from it is detecting a slip in first gear so it set's the error code
  7. bp042665

    2003 Lincoln Town car idles rough and neutralizes for a few seconds.

    first off if it isn't running right the transmission wont shift right as the idle starts to drop down the line pressure in the transmission will also drop causing a neutral or drop out of gear feeling i have seen this alot at my shop and trying to explain it to customer's that it's a running...
  8. bp042665

    Rebuilt 727 input gear won't turn

    just saw this and it should've been in transmission forum but i would check bolt placement on valve body and there should be some drag as like bill said you could've stacked it not seated down all the way and have input drum pinched AKA forward drum
  9. bp042665

    Torque Converter locking up on 2nd gear Oldsmobile 88 rwd 200r4 1985

    there is only 1 connector that i believe it to be blue or a netral color by the shift linkage just unplug it
  10. bp042665

    Torque Converter locking up on 2nd gear Oldsmobile 88 rwd 200r4 1985

    was going to chime in but it seems like its been handled sorry late but i watch transmission forum the most
  11. bp042665

    2007 F150 4X4 Low and Fluctuation of Pressures 4R75W

    i have seen this with a internal cross leak was a updated valve body Install with rebuild if so you can try to double up the upper valve body gasket it has fixed a few for my shop
  12. bp042665

    U660E C2 Clutch Air Test Question

    it is easy to damage the seal's on this when assembly it. are you useing a book to go by i have had issue with the hub ring being wrong size
  13. bp042665

    no forward no reverse. 2014 dodge avenger 3.6 automatic trans

    could have a stopped up filter or even a bypass valve stuck open and dumping the line pressure this is a 62te transmission and it was also noted for stripping out splines on the input hub
  14. bp042665

    6T40 transmission problems

    if you could get the tcm from the 6T30 Car you should be good only problem is when you go to program it off your vin# it will program a 6T40 trans not the 6T30
  15. bp042665

    Automatic Transmission issue on Vauxhall (Opel) Astra K 1.6 CDTi

    if not electrical issue then maybe a stuck valve in valve body or harden seal's
  16. bp042665

    Gmc nonstart

    i have done a fuel pump where the push rod will drop and new pump wont pump fuel to carb
  17. bp042665

    30 spline T/C

    you can get any reliable transmission shop to change out the input shaft or drum to get it right i havent seen a 30 spline converter for the 2.2L motor
  18. bp042665

    2007 F150 5.4 burnt reverse band

    as for different snap ring you can get them through any transmission shop or have them order them through there parts supplier i use what ever it take transmission parts or transtar the clutch clerance should be the same 3 or 4 clutches drum as for what burned up the band check the servo for...