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  1. paulo57509

    Chassis Noise - Knocking, Only When It Rains

    Road test revealed the loose spare was NOT the root cause. Now it gets a little harder.
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    1989 GM Light truck th400 won't shift after rebuild

    FWIW, here are links to some helpful ATSG manuals. The TH400 = 3L80 in the air check manual. Air Check: Service...
  3. paulo57509

    Chassis Noise - Knocking, Only When It Rains

    I wasn't really looking for it; I just happened to be under the rear bumper. I think I found the problem. I figured it had to be something stupid. Haven't test driven it but I'm pretty sure this is it. so much for Toyota Certified Pre-Owned, 160-point inspection.
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    Anyone know what this might be?

    I saw that video a few days ago. TBH, I'm not getting bent about it being a tracking device that I gave no permission to be there. I don't need any more drama. I've been on the internet since ~1995 (usenet, etc.) so if someone wants to track me, have at it. If one were to find someone that...
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    Ford Excursion 2005 park\cruise mode

    I'll take a SWAG at this. Maybe the issue is with the brake light switch (or what ever brake switch that's necessary) that allows the trans to be shifted out of park? Maybe the cruise control reference is a convoluted way of saying said switch works for disengaging the cruise control (once...
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    Anyone know what this might be?

    I came across this too: It does appear that it needs other pieces to make it work. I've been driving around for the past four days with it disconnected. I can find nothing abnormal by having it...
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    Anyone know what this might be?

    Just an update. It really should have been posted in the Open Discussion section. I'm finding out that other Toyota owners are finding the same device on their vehicles as well. Doing an internet search of the numbers that are on the sticker applied to the "black box" revealed that it's a...
  8. paulo57509

    Anyone know what this might be?

    I found it tucked into the kick panel. One end is plugged into to the factory OBD connector. The opposite end has an OBD connector that is in snapped into place in the the factory location. Why I went poking around here is because the whenever I would try to plug into the "fake" ODB...
  9. paulo57509

    Chassis Noise - Knocking, Only When It Rains

    Just a check in; I haven't forgotten about this. I figured it's difficult to diagnose, having the suspension be wet for the issue to be exposed. However, it appears the rainy season is done and in the last few days, a knocking noise is occurring pretty regularly in the right rear with rare...
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    Chassis Noise - Knocking, Only When It Rains

    Purchased this vehicle at the end of November 2023. During the test drive, I noticed no suspension noise because the weather was dry. However, the during the first rain, the suspension started knocking. When the weather turns fair, the knocking goes away. The knocking sound occurs when I...
  11. paulo57509

    2000, Rav4, 180,000 miles, Car randomly unlocks itself

    "The Key doesn't seem to be responsible as it can be too far away to work. But I took the battery out to be sure and the car still unlocks itself...", I think the OP is referring to the battery in the FOB/Remote? I would try to find the diagnostics for the lock actuators and start there. I...
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    Rebuilt 727 input gear won't turn

    Is the VB secured to the case with different length bolts? You might have a long bolt in the wrong position.
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    Li-ion cell dead

    I went and looked through my filing cabinet, hard drive and binders and couldn't find any of my rechargeable battery references. If I come across them, I'll attach them.
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    Li-ion cell dead

    Back when I was into electric R/C car racing, I often heard about cell reversal (reversed polarity). IIRC, this would happen when the discharge load was continued to be applied after the battery past its cut-off voltage (allowing the voltage to approach zero). This was cited as a cause for a...
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    2017 Ford F150 Brake Caliper Question

    You might be able to purchase just the portion of the caliper that contains the piston from Ford. Every other parts source I looked at only sells the caliper with the bracket attached. Odd that the bracket alone is available but not the piston body.
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    Transmission type

    Check the casting numbers on the case and count the splines. This will tell you if its a Muncie or not.
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    Retrieve abs codes obd1 gm

    That's why I keep the old OTC 4000e around even though I keep tripping over it.
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    I am going to call this one a shot in the dark

    Keeping the 228ci would be dependent on what can be re-used and what needs to be replaced. Obviously the block but what else is needed to end up with a running engine? IIRC, the 228ci has parts that are unique to that engine. Found this on another site...
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    Is Asian Pink Coolant/Antifreeze

    If you're looking for coolant for your 2022 Hyundai, I believe the factory fill is blue. I don't think coolant color means much. It's better to match the chemistry of the factory and aftermarket coolant to ensure compatibility. Or just buy the correct coolant from the dealer parts department.