crank no start

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    Crank/NO start

    Hi, I have a 04 honda accord lx 2.4, for starters the vehicle just had a timing chain replacement, complete kit. i pulled the timing chain cover to make sure that it was installed properly and all timing marks from the crank up match perfectly. I have one code p139, i have zero volts...
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    crank no start

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:chevy MODEL:s10 YEAR:2001 MILES:138k ENGINE:4.3 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... 2 yrs ago driving, heard valves, pullled over shut off. oil line to filter broke. repaired, new oil, started, ran normal. for about ten minutes. then started missing a...
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    2003 350z cranks but wont start

    2003 NISSAN 350Z CRANK NO START I decided i was going to put push button ignition in my 350z but the kit had five wires and the car had 4. white/red white/blue black/red white/black. All the forums were saying it has a green/white but it wasnt there just a terminal for it. I was looking all over...