fault codes

  1. J

    Evap leak, amongst several other electrical codes

    My friend just recently bought a 2010 Mazda 3 2.0L (manual). I scanned it with my bluedriver scan tool and I got a bunch of codes at once here. I'm curious as to whether or not something could be tripping all of these, or if it's going to need a butt ton of replacement parts. Occasionally...
  2. V

    Fault Code B2202 for 07' Jeep Wrangler..

    Wasn't finding any info for this code.. in the he ODB tourqe Pro app it just says "BODY". IM HAVING SO MANY PROBLEMS with this Jeep... This is just one of 4-5 codes.. C107D "chassis" is another . Man oh man. We have a short.. and the stabilizer bar bushings need replaced... Took her to a Jeep...