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    NEED HELP. 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6 RWD Stalling problem

    Hey guys, another thread about my ranger sucking, lol. This ones an ongoing problem BUT, only in the summer. I live here in New Mexico so it’s about 90degrees+ every single summer. Whelp I bought the truck back in August last year and it was still high 80’s. Everytime I’d run my a/c and drive...
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    2000 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0L 2wd radio powering up problem

    So I have a powering up problem with my ranger, replaced the factory radio with a after market and I wired it perfect first try and my only problem was I wired it wrong so it didn’t keep the memory. Decided to re wire it about a month later and now the system doesn’t turn on period. Got a new...
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    02 Ford expedition eatc doesn't work

    I have a 2002 Ford expedition Eddie Bauer. I have a eatc unit that Quit working all of a sudden. I've noticed. It has a illumination display but it does not power on it does not show the main display. The model of eatc I have is a 1l7h-19c933-aa. I've been trying to find the pin out diagram for...
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    00 Ford mustang abs gt traction problem

    Hi first time trying this so here goes does anyone have or know the pin layout for the gt traction internals. I pretty much broke every wire trying to get that snot off the circuit board found out later that your supposed to soak it in phosphoric acid for an hr would actually like to try and fix...
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    1999 Ford F150-starting problems when cold

    My truck broke down sat for a few months it's old. It's got 260k miles I think it's a fuel problem but not quite sure. I changed the fuel filter one afternoon and it fired right up seven times in a row. But it won't start in the mornings. I get home after work starts right up. I think it has to...