head gasket

  1. Mikerizer

    Head Gasket?

    2006 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.3L, Auto 86k miles The van has been gradually losing coolant and running hot. I replaced the radiator in November because it had a leak. It's still losing coolant. I saw a bubble stream coming up the radiator, and tested it for hydrocarbons with the liquid that...
  2. Mikerizer

    Radiator leak, MAYBE a head gasket problem

    The engine was losing coolant, with no visible leak. Had to add coolant at a rate of about a gallon per 20 mile or so trip. I did a pressure test on the system with it cold, and coolant was leaking rapidly from the driver's side of the radiator, about 1/3 ways from the bottom. So, I replace...