1. T

    2002 mustang v6 replace camshaft synchronizer wrong Help

    So i replaced the camshaft/crankshaft and messed up First thing i didnt do is put #1 piston in tdc Second thing used the alignment to put it in and then just moved the outter part of the syncronizer to the position i marked Now the car is sputtered and making a rattling noise What should i do
  2. ivane21

    4R70W 02 mustang 3.8

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Ford: Mustang: 2002: 169000: 3.8Liter V6: checked codes and various data with Snapon Solus ultra, no codes. Vehicle surges at take off, suspect transmission problem, once in a great while will slam into second gear and rear wheels will chirp.also...
  3. A

    1998 Toyota Corolla p0125 can't figure it out!!!

    1998 Toyota Corolla 1.8l 311,423 miles Ok. I've replaced the coolant temp sensor, replaced the o2 sensors, and the thermostat. What the hell else can it be???? I've been searching for months on how to fix this issue, and now, when the ecm reads from the sensor 207 on the ECT it's three...