01 deville hesitation stall list of codes


Feb 4, 2009
hopefully someone can help me out. i have a 2001 cadillac deville engine code "Y". It came in for a hesitation and stall when hot but only when the car is up to temp
and check engine light. the original codes P0108- map orbaro pres signal high P0335 CKP ssensor 'a' circuit problem P0336 Ckp sensor 'a' (18/24x) out of range Po341
CMP sensor circuit out of range P0385 Ckp sensor'b' circuit problem P0386 CKP sensor'b' out of range P1106 map sensor circuit intermittent high P1372 ckp circuit/ckp
a-b correlationfirst thing i did was test drive noticed a bang as soon as i put it in gear so i checked the motor mounts the motor mount near the crank sensors was bad
and did not have the heat shield around it and had original crank sensors. so i replace motor mount crank sensors a and b and added heat shield. test drive drove good
i let the car idle for 15 minutes behind my stall and test drove it again. this is the problem im dealing with now once i get it nice and hot (the temp gauge is a little
past half) and at a complete stand still stop and give the engine half throttle or more (like pulling out into traffic from side street or take off from a red light)
the car everytime will have a flat spot, stuble, backfire sometimes and stall sometimes but only when the rpms hit around 1200- 1500, and only from a stand still.
the only codes that come back are P0335 ckp sensor "a" circuit problem P0385 ckp sensor "b" circuit problem and P1372 Ckp circuit/ ckp a-b correlation. when the codes come
back after i clear them only p0335 and p1372 or p0386 and p1372 not yet have all 3 come back to current codes at once. heres what i have done to the car and what im at now
all the relearn procedures, drag tested crank sensor connector at sensor and pcm. checked resistence from sensor to pcm and pulled on harness while checking resistence all
checked out good. sensors and in the proper holes. checked fuel pressure regulator(good) performed injector balance test every injector droped 14 psi. cleaned IAc motor and
passage, cleaned egr valve and pipe to manifold. performed induction service to get rid of any carbon. im working with a solus pro and mastertech(osiliscope only) the desired
EgR is identical to actual egr. checked signal from both crank sensors at pcm with osiliscope and im not loosing signal. and checked tps with osiliscope and no spikes or anything
i dont think i forgot anything any help i would be very greatfull thank you
it has 28000 miles


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Nov 14, 2006
New Jersey
Check your grounds, especially the big one that goes to the trans bell bolt/stud, check the grounds at the battery & corrosion levels. Check the alternator for "AC Ripple". Be a bit rough on the ground wires, I have seen many that were broken inside the casing, showing up on power braking like this one is. Corrosion between the bolt and wire, outside looked fine till I took the bolt out and looked at the eyelet. Start with the basics and post back, Transman