1977 chevy 350 turbo trans problems



Hi Guys: some of you helped me once before, im hoping to figure out this problem with my 350 turbo,
the last time it was the Governer weights stuck in.
this time it seems crazy, I parked my truck in the driveway for the night ,,it was working fine,, I got up the next morning started the truck up, let it run for maybe three minutes,, dropped it into reverse & it revved somwhat then caught into reverse,,I backed out of the driveway,,put it in drive & it revved then went into gear,,pulled fine,,this went on the same way for maybe three days doing the same thing,,,Now when I try to drive the truck it won't pull in any gear unless the motor is revved pretty high rpm,,say around 3500 rpm ,,then when I let off the gas, it seems to be in neutral until I rev it up,, now today it won't pull at all unless I almost floor the gas?? I changed the filter & found that someone before me had ripped the screen off of the metal on the filter & put the old filter back on,,is that crazy or what, it's a $5.00 Part? the fluid level is full, I did find some small black plastic pieces in the bottom of the pan ,,it looks like pieces of the plastic on the filter Anyways now Im wondering if maybe something got sucked into the inlet & messed the trans up since the filter screen was gone?? it was working so good until this happened that first morning & it got alot worse in just a few days.
Is it Shot ?? Or Is something Stuck again? Stopped up ? I could use some advise if anyone has some idea of what is going on with this thing.


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Nov 14, 2006
New Jersey
The good news is you weren't ripped off, nobody ripped the screen off, technically speaking, it was digested. Pretty much the same enzymes inside your stomach are working inside the trans. You could say it dissolved if it makes you feel better.
The trans on the other hand is ready for overhaul now. The pieces are most likely broken thrust washer that has worked it's way to the pan and undoubtedly the valves are stuck also, but only a band aid will be trying to unstick your valves because more material will come from the trans as time goes on. Fix it while it is cheaper then later when you try to fix a destroyed trans. Sorry it isn't better news, Transman