1999 F350 stalls in gear


Apr 30, 2007
Recently my F350 diesel wouldn't start. Replaced both batteries and it was fine. Then I went to use it a week later and it wouldn't start. Took it to a qualified shop where they could not find any problem. I had suspected glow plug(s) but nothing came up. Loaned the truck to my handyman, who also works for a diesel shop. He began having problems with the engine cutting out suddenly. When I got it back, I checked oil and other fluids, found them all ok. The service engine light stopped glowing.

I decided to try a trip to town (20 miles) but it died three times in the first mile, leaving me with no power assists. My friend had replaced the cam sensor, which appeared to fix the stalls. He also corrected all the errors that showed up on the scope. The truck ran about a week and he gave it back to me. I had it towed to his boss's shop. They appear to believe the on board computer has failed and will need to be replaced.

Can anyone tell me anything about this, like is this actually likely to be the problem? What can I expect from the old electronics if I replace the computer? How much should it cost? Thanks. Replies to mandykantoo@yahoo.com


Nov 14, 2006
Marquette, Michigan
So do I understand correctly that the engine died and will not restart at all now?

As for any of us being able to tell you if your ECM is bad or not over the internet. That seems to be a tall order. There are many reasons why your engine quit and will not restart. I can list a dozen, and the other guys here can add a dozen more. But what needs to happen is for someone to go through the hard start/no start troubleshooting procedures. It will require some gauges and a scanner capable of doing the KOEO tests. Just a code scanner won't get it done. The injector drive module won't give up it's codes without going through the self tests first, just for one example.

If I had to take a WAG. I would think you have a harness/connector issue. It may have had a weak connection causing the shut downs before and now finally completely failed.

At anytime while having the battery issues, was a high powered jump start unit used to start the truck?