2001 dodge dakota please help....


Nov 27, 2007
Ladies, Gents...
I am a Navy guy and trying to fix my 2001 Dakota quadcab 4x4 5.9L. The trans went out so I got it replaced. Then it was great for awhile and the started getting harder to start as the days went by. Checked codes and got p0123 and p0351 and p0152. I smelled sulpher smell so I gutted the cats and welded it back up, replaced the TPS and started on code p0351. I have an MSD ign box so I called MSD and their tech said dodges will throw this code when an ign box is installed and it should run fine even if this code is present. He offered the adapter for my p/u but said all it would do is turn off the light. So, now, p0351 is out of the way. However, when I get it all back together it is still hard to start. I have 50 PSI on the fuel rail but in about 10 sec it bleeds down. So I crimped the fuel line with some vise grips and it still bleeds down. Verified there was no return line on my p/u and Im thinkin that I have a leaky injector. I also pulled passenger side plug near radiator and it was a little black.
I can keep cranking for 5-8 secs and on about the 3rd try it will start and wont rev up wne I stomp it and it backfires thru the exhaust. I can 'ease' into the throttle and it will rev up to 5K fine. When I stomp it wont rev and bogs, backfires. Is the O2 sensor causing all these problems?
It has a new TPS, the IAC has been cleaned, new cap, rotor, year old MSD coil, NGK plugs and Taylor wires. No arcing between wires.
Its hard to start after it sits, the fuel pressure bleeds down, it back fires and bogs when I stomp it, after idling for a few minutes it idles erratically.
After all the new, cleaned parts I checked for new codes and now I have p0351, p0152, p0300, p0303, p0305.
Please help guys, I just spent 3K on a new tranny and this is my daily driver. I have a partially restored 68 Camaro that I have to drive cause I cant drive my p/u.
AE2(AW) Harley Moody, US Navy


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Nov 5, 2007
Crimped the fuel line? I don't get that...
Mileage on plugs/wires? Happen all at once or gradually?
Have you run it until the engine warms? Symptoms change?