2002 Ford Mustang abs light and traction control light on. No power fuse 37

Jun 26, 2021
Hello again,

I have had an abs and traction control light on for sometime now. Maybe a year or more. I don't have the owners manual but I checked all fuses and 2 of them have no power. One of them 35 I think has power on both sides when I press the brake pedal.
The fuse #37 has no power at all. From what I see it controls the abs, traction control and transmission.
The transmission seems to be shifting funny. I really need it fixed.
I tried 2 shops and all 3 of my scan tools. No one can pull any code's at all. The shop tried their nice wireless Snap-On scanner and his old OCT one. Same thing.

It just keeps saying that it cannot connect to the abs modual.

The dealer wants over $800 for just the electronic side.
I found a used one for $300 that can be shipped.

Any thoughts? How can I troubleshoot this myself?
2002 ford mustang v6 3.8 140,000 miles.

I did watch a YouTube video of modual replacement on a GO version.
Help and thank you.
I’m having a very similar issue if not the same on the same car mine is a 2002 3.8l v6 convertible mustang


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Nov 22, 2008
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I would advise you to open a new thread and present your problem that way. Every trouble shoot needs a very precise way of thinking.

point in case, this being a 2002 stang, it has a capability to throw a U code. So my advice, go buy hardware or software to read that.

If no power to fuse x y z, you need charts etc

Are you equipped to do that, it is a yes or no question

Right now, I know I am doing some form of transference, I am probably irate at myself, a co workers, my mom my sister,

So my humble advice

plz put ego aside, write back with a new thread, and you will be amazed at how free this is, and the wealth of knowledge will flow. This vid link is for all the guys that said they cant do it